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Ford Anglia Police Car - Models

On this page we look at some of the Models that have been produced of Ford Anglia Police Car's

Typical Panda Car

There have been numerous models of Ford Anglia Police Cars and Vans produced in the last few years.
Not all of them are authentic representations of real police vehicles.

My collection is far from extensive, but I manage to pick up the odd Police Car Model here and there. I will up date this page when a new model (or information about one) comes along. Please feel free to email me with any comments or additions that you know of especially different manufacturers, model numbers or production dates that I am missing.

Please Note: The following pages are pictures of my own personal collection of Anglia models. I do not sell any models and none of the models are for sale. The prices quoted on some of the pages are the original prices that the models were sold for in the UK. Sorry for any confusion.

I hope you enjoy the following pages

Lledo / Corgi Vanguards Saloons
VA00105 - HB1002B Ashfordly Police (Part of Hearbeat Collection Set HB1002)
VA00109 - Police Panda Car (Part of Police Panda Set PC1002)
VA00115 - Lancashire County Constabulary
VA00120 - Liverpool and Bootle Police
VA00128 - Royal Ulster Constabulary

VP001-1002 - Police Panda Car - (British TV Series Heartbeat.)
VP001-1002b - Police Panda Car - (British TV Series Heartbeat.)

Lledo / Corgi Vanguards Vans
VA00417 - Dunbartonshire Constabulary

IXO Models
CLC111 - Police Panda Car

Oxford Collectible Saloons
76105003 - Police Panda Car
N105003 - Police Panda Car

Oxford Collectibles Vans
76ANG030 - Hull City Police

DP5411-01 - Black and White Panda Car
DP5411-02 - Blue and White Panda Car

Trackside Models
DG208003 - Police