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Lledo Logo

Model No VA004

Lledo have been the most prolific, and virtually only, manufacturer of Anglia Van models.
The model was first introduced into their new Vanguards range in 1996 and were
to a consistant 1:43rd Scale


The Original Lledo Models

VA00400 - Royal Mail
VA00401 - Automobile Association
VA00402 - Hot Point
VA00403 - Post Office Telephones (Part of Post Office Telephones Set PO1002)
VA00404 - Whitbread (Part of Whitbread Brewers Service Vans Set WV1002)
VA00405 - Royal Automobile Club
VA00406 - British European Airways
VA00407 - London Transport
VA00408 - ESSO Aviation
VA00409 - National Benzole
VA00410 - Jordans

The Corgi Take-Over

In 1999 the Lledo Company went into Recievership and the Vanguards (as well as
the Days Gone Range) were bought by Corgi. They have decided to keep the Vanguards
name and have started to release more Anglia Van Models. These have been "upgraded" to
include jewelled headlights and fine metal wiper blades. Long may they keep producing them.

VA00411 - Whitbread (Diorama BD1002)
VA00412 - Ford Special Products
VA00413 - Royal Automobile Club Box Set
VA00414 - Stratford Blue
VA00415 - Marley Tiles

Following Corgi's decision to withdraw the Lledo name, all Van's are now badged as Corgi
VA00416 - London Transport Works & Building Engineer
VA00417 - Dunbartonshire Constabulary
VA00418 - London Country
VA00419 - No Model Issued
VA00420 - British Rail

Lledo Pre-Production Model

These models are actual hand made factory pre-production 'resin' models used to evaluate potential
castings for the 'Vanguard' range before they went into full scale die-cast production. Some models
never made it to production and of those that did certain colours or liveries were never used.

VA-PP001 - Wakefield Castrol Motor Oil - (This livery was never produced)
VA-PP002 - Pale Green

Lledo / Corgi Promotionals

These are models that are issued by Lledo / Corgi as "Promotionals" and
do not form part of their main Vanguard range.

VP004-1001 - An Post (Part of a five van set for the Irish Post Office)
VP004-1002 - Dyno-Rod (Part of a two van set to celebrate 40 Years of Dyno-Rod)
VP004-1003 - St Kew Dairy Farm
VP004-1004 - Enfield Garages Ltd (for the Enfield Pageant of Motoring)
VP004-1005 - Hilti
VP004-1006 - An Post

Lledo / Corgi Vanguards also produce Saloon versions of the Ford Anglia

Please see the links page for the Lledo / Corgi Web Site.

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