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Ford Anglia 105E - Anglebug Kit Car

Welcome to the Anglebug part of the site. In this area of the site, you will find some
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Ford, like most of the manufacturers at the time, did not bother much about bodywork protection. Therefore, like most other cars on the road, the Ford Anglia 105E gave the Owner the option of having their new car with or without rust straight from the production line.

Anglebug Front
This left the Owners of the time with a problem. The mechanicals were still good for a couple of decades, but, in some instances, the bodywork lasted just a little longer than the warrenty. At the time, Britain was still in the "fix and make do" mindset, so some enterprising people decided to make some fibre glass bodies to go with all of these nearly new mechanicals that were in the market place. These fibre glass bodies ranged from small two seater sports cars, saloons and beach buggies.

At the time, most beach buggy "kit car" manufacturers chose either the previous 100E Anglia or the Volkswagen Beetle as a basis for their kits.

Luckily (for this site anyway) Phil Haigh Autos decided that they could make use of the Ford Anglia 105E's mechanicals and some of the body parts that were not too prone to rusting.

Anglebug Interior

Anglebug Back

Phil Haigh Autos based their new beach buggy kit car called the "Anglebug" on the Ford Anglia 105E

This kit used a beach buggy style body, to which the Owner could attach all of the mechanicals, lights, windscreen and wiring loom from his rusting Anglia. The kit when first realesed sold for 150, increasing to 175 when the introductory offer had expired.

The Anglebug is quite a rare variant of the Anglia family.

The total number of Anglebug's built is unknown