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Model No VP001-1001

This version of the Anglia was introduced by Lledo as a "Promotional" in 2002,
and was only available in the Bachmann Harry Potter train set. It is rumoured that
only 3000 of the sets have been produced.
It is superficially identical to
VA00122 but has the following differences:-
Registration No is 7990 TD, there are no wing mirror holes, no wipers or black windscreen surround. 
The headlights are the old chromed plastic type, not the new jewelled ones and the standard
Vanguard base is screwed on, not riveted, with the heads painted in a matching blue.
Also printed in black are acknowledgements to the copyrights of 'Warner Bros'
The model is to 1:43rd Scale

Model No Exterior Colour Interior Colour Wheels
VA001-1001 Bermuda Blue Light Blue  Grey

The Model

vp001-001 Model
( Martin Kennedy)

The Set it Came in

va001-001 Set
My thanks go to Martin Kennedy for letting me know that this model exists,
and for providing me with all the relevant information.

The History

This model was produced in conjunction with the Harry Potter films.

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