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Harry Potter

Ford Anglia - Harry Potter

Harry Potter

Harry Potter : The Novel

Harry Potter Book

The car pictured on the front cover of the UK edition of the "Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets" is a Turquoise Ford Anglia 105E with the registration number HOW777.

The UK adult version of the novel displayed an actual photograph of a Ford Anglia.

J.K.Rowling arrived in a vehicle very similar to that shown on the cover when she launched the next Harry Potter novel : "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire."

Harry Potter : The "Ford Anglia"

The Turquoise For Anglia was bought by Arthur Weasley for the purpose of taking it apart in his shed to see how it worked. In the process of taking it apart and reassembling it, Arthur bewitched it to be able to fly, installed an invisibility generator and also instilled it with a mind of its own. He also magically expanded the passenger and storage space so that an enormous amount of luggage could fit in the boot, and an amazing amount of people could sit comfortably inside. Fred and George flew the car a number of times, once all the way to Surrey to rescue Harry from the Dursleys. Shortly afterwards Harry and Ron made a dramatic flight to Hogwarts in Scotland, crash landing into the Whomping Willow. The car is severely damaged by the tree (that beats up anything that gets too close to it). The car ejected Harry, Ron and their luggage and fled into the forbidden forest. It is still there, trundling about the forest like a wild animal.

The Ford Anglia that appeared in the Movie "Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets" has nearly become as famous as the Wizard himself (well maybe not quite) but the Ford Anglia has had more than its fair share of the Press Coverage.
Before the Film had even opened in the Cinemas the Classic Car Press were reporting that the Film Crew were destroying Ford Anglia's at a rate of knots. Here's what Classic Ford Magazine had to say :

Press Coverage

In 2002, "Classics" Magazine had a feature about the "main star" car that was used in the Movie, (there was of course stunt doubles used as well). It was stated that the producers of the film preferred the cars original registration number of 7990 TD over the HOW 777 that appeared on the cover of the book and so stuck with it.

Then came the news that shocked the World.
The Harry Potter Ford Anglia had been
Kidnapped, sorry stolen !!. The world was in mourning over who could do such a thing, and Police Forces the length and breath of the UK were alerted . After what seemed an eternity the Ford Anglia was found safe and sound, non the worse for its ordeal.

Rumour has it now, that the Ford Anglia will be the star attraction at Warners Brothers new theme park in the States. Watch this space for details.

Harry Potter : The Film Posters

Harry Potter Poster 1

Harry Potter Poster 2

Harry Potter : The Merchandise

Just like Harry, the Ford Anglia has also had a quantity of Merchandise produced bearing its likeness. (We will be kind and say likeness, as some of it is a bit "iffy" in the looks department). This has ranged from diecast models to torches.

The following Companies have produced models of the Harry Potter "Ford Anglia"

Corgi | Choro Q | Gakken TH | Hot Wheels | Mattel | Lledo |

Harry Potter : The Exhibition

Such is the popularity of Harry Potter that an international travelling exhibition has been created by Global Experience Specialists, featuring hundreds of authentic props, costumes, artefacts and set dressings from the Harry Potter feature films. The 10,000-square-foot Exhibition uses themed environments inspired by the Hogwarts movie sets as backdrops for the artefacts and costumes on display including the Gryffindor Common Room, Hagrid’s Hut. the Great Hall and the Ford Anglia.