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Rear Axle

General Maintenance - Rear Axle

The rear axle is of the “hypoid” bevel type, with semi-floating hubs and detachable axle shafts. The housing is of tubular banjo construction incorporating flanges for the attachment of brake plates, and also the attachment brackets for the rear springs. The driving pinion and crown wheel, together with the differential assembly, are carried in the differential carrier, which is mounted in the housing, being attached by eight studs and nuts.

rear axle

The drive from the gearbox is taken by the front universal joint through an open tubular drive shaft to the rear universal joint, thence through the rear universal joint coupling to the driving pinion. It is extremely unlikely that the axle will require any attention apart from ensuring that the lubricant is maintained at the correct level at the correct service intervals.

When repairs are necessary, we strongly advise that these are not attempted by the owner, but are left in the hands of Authorised Ford Dealers who have trained personnel and are equipped for this purpose.

Check the Rear Axle Oil Level - (1000 Mile Service)
At intervals of 1000 miles, the oil level should be inspected, a level plug being fitted on the rear of the differential housing for this purpose
With the car standing on level ground, remove the combined filler and level plug, which is located halfway up the axle (on earlier cars there is also a drain plug located in the bottom of the axle.) Check the oil level, which should be level with the bottom of the filler plug hole. If required top up with the correct Grade of Oil until the level reaches the filler plug hole.

Note – Only Hypoid and not ordinary gear oil is to be used in the rear axle.

Replace the filler plug and tighten securely. Periodically check the tightness of the filler plug.

rear axle plug
Rear Axle Drain Plug - (5000 Mile Service)
On earlier cars, a drain plug is fitted in the centre of the axle housing at the bottom. It is no longer necessary to drain the lubricant at any service, but it is advisable to check the tightness of the drain plug when checking the oil level. For those with earlier cars, the oil may be drained every 5000 miles if so desired. Preferably drain the rear axle when the car has just completed a long run and the oil is warm. Place a suitable container under the rear axle drain plug and remove the drain plug. The warm oil will drain more easily then, bringing with it any sediment or foreign matter. Replace the plug securely after draining the oil.

Remove the filler plug and refill the axle housing with the correct grade of hypoid gear oil until it reaches the level of the filer plug hole located half way down the axle housing at the rear. Replace the filler plug securely when the axle has been filled.

rear axle drain plug
The rear hub bearings are packed with lubricant when the car is built and should normally operate indefinitely without any further attention.

New Axle Components
In the event of a new crown wheel and pinion or new bearings being fitted to the axle, it should be run in, at the speed specified for a new car, avoiding harsh acceleration etc.

Information taken from Various Ford Anglia Instruction Books and Handbooks..

Warning - The Health and Safety bit.
Please note your health may be at risk if you do not take sensible safety precautions. Never work under an unsupported vehicle, do not take shortcuts. If you feel that the task is beyond your capabilities, then employ the services of a trained professional. The Owner of this Website nor the author cannot be held responsible for any accidents or injury arising from advice given on this webpage. Safety advice can be obtained from the RoSPA.