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Ford Anglia 105E - Ford Recommended Lubricants and Fluids

Lubricants and Fluids  
Front Wheel Bearings Lithium base grease - EMIC-3
Brake Fluid Reservoir ME-3833-F
Steering Gear SAE 90 EP Gear Oil
Rear Axle SAE 90 Hypoid Oil
Engine Up to -18 C (0 F)
-18 C to 0 C (0 F to 32 F)
0 C to 32 C (32 F to 90 F)

Over 32 C (90 F)
5W/20 or 5W/30
10W, 10W/30 or 10W/40
20W/20, 20W/30, 10W/30
10W/40, 20W40 or 20W/50
40, 20W/40 or 20W/50
Gearbox SAE 80 Gear Oil
Generator Engine Oil
Distributor Engine Oil and Lithium base grease
General Lithium base grease - EMIC-3 with 1% molybdenum disulphide
Anti-Freeze Ford Antifreeze Plus Part No M97B 18-C in 50% solution

Approved Lubricants

Multigrade oil is used in production for the engine for "initial fill" and this oil should not normally be changed until the first 5,000 miles (8,000 km) have been completed. The tabulated list of engine and transmission oils is divided into four categories.

“Category A”
Lubricants which carry official Ford of Britain approval, are available readily throughout the United Kingdom and are manufactured by a company supplying Ford of Britain with lubricants for production use. Lubricants in this category are listed in all Domestic Editions of Owners Handbooks, Ford Service Voucher Books and similar publications.

“Category B”
Lubricants which carry official Ford of Britain approval, are available throughout the United Kingdom, but are not manufactured by a supplier to Ford of Britain.

“Category C”
Lubricants which carry qualified Ford of Britain approval by meeting all technical requirements, but not necessarily being generally available throughout the United Kingdom.

“Category D”
Lubricants which carry qualified Ford of Britain approval by meeting all technical requirements, but being available only in European territories excluding the United Kingdom.

It does not follow that the lubricants listed under Categories A and B (C is not applicable to this model range at present) will be necessarily marketed in any Export territory or, if available under the same brand name. However, to enable you to obtain lubricants of the same specification the appropriate Ford Specification Numbers are also quoted on the following pages. In any case, temperature variations in individual territories could involve a change of viscosity rating of the lubricant concerned.

All the approved engine and transmission lubricants tabulated are miscible and compatible with one another but if, for instance, an SAE 10W engine oil were added to one of SAE 10W/30 type then the viscosity rating of the latter would be affected according to the percentage of dilution.

Approved Lubricants

Manufacturer Engine Gearbox Rear Axle
ford ESE-M2C96A



"Category A"
(Vigzol is shown in theHandbooks but not in the Ford Service Book list)

Manufacturer Engine Gearbox Rear Axle
amoco Super Permalube
or Permalube 20W/20
American Multi-Purpose Gear Lubricant SAE 80 American Multi-Purpose Gear Lubricant SAE 90
bp BP Super Visco-Static
or BP Energol SAE 20W
BP Gear Oil SAE 80 EP BP Gear Oil SAE 90 EP
castrol Castrolite Castrol Hypoy Light Castrol Hypoy
duckhams Duckham's Q5500 or
Duckham's Nol Twenty
Duckham's Nol EP 80 Duckham's Hypoid 90
esso Esso Extra Motor Oil Esso Gear Oil GP 80 Esso Gear Oil GP 90/140
mobil Mobiloil Special or
Mobiloil Arctic
Mobilube GX 80 Mobilube GX 90
fina Fina Multigrade Motor Oil 10W/30 Fina Pontonic MP, SAE 80 Fina Pontonic MP, SAE 90
regent Regent Havoline Motor Oil 10W/30 or Regent Havoline Motor Oil 20/20W Regent Multi-Gear Lubricant EP 80 Regent Multi-Gear Lubricant EP 90
shell Shell Super Motor Oil
or Shell X-100 20W
Shell Spirax 80 EP Shell Spirax 90 EP
vigzol Vitalube 20/20W or
Vitaflow 10W/30 Motor Oil
Vigzol Hyex 80 Vigzol Vitapoid 90

"Category B"

Manufacturer Engine Gearbox Rear Axle
Speedwell British Oil and Turpentine Corporation Ltd
Speedwell Ten-thirty Multigrade
or Speedwell Hyduty 20/20W Motor Oil
Speedwell Hyduty Hypoid 80 Speedwell Hyduty Hypoid 90
filtrate Filtrate 10W/30 Multigrade
or Filtrate Zero 20/20W
Filtrate EP 80 Filtrate EP Gear Oil 90
Germ Oil Hilo 10W/30 or
Germol Delta 20W/30
Germ Gear Oil AP 80 Germ Gear Oil AP 90
Morris Oils Golden Film Multivis 10W/30
or Golden Film Supreme 20/20W
Golden Film EP 80 Golden Film EP 90
sternol Sternol Multigrade 10W/30
or Sternol WW 20W
Ambroleum EP 80 Ambroleum EP 90

"Category C"

"Category C" is not applicable to this model range at present.

"Category D"

Manufacturer Engine Gearbox Rear Axle
aral Aral Super Motor Oil 10W/30 - -

Information taken from the Ford Anglia Workshop Manual Issued by Service Publications - Ford of Britain