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Ford Anglia 105E – Reverse Rake Rear Window

Who Dared?
One of the most notable styling features of the Ford Anglia 105E was its reverse raked rear window. This feature wasn’t just a publicity stunt to get the car noticed. Ford put a lot of thought in to the design of the rear window and the roof line, and shaped it in such a way as to add extra headroom for the rear seat passengers in a medium sized car package.

The reverse rake also meant that the overall height of the 105E was lower than the previous 100E model without compromising the comfort of those in the rear.

Rear window

Due to the consequence of the rear window sloping the "wrong way", it was also said that it aided visibility in bad weather, during a time when rear window wipers and demisters were the reserve of the car designers of the future and the more luxurious makes.

The Anglia 105E’s rear window all weather visibility is highlighted in the following pictures, which shows the reverse raked rear window free from snow during the winter months …

Rear window Snow

Rear window Snow

… and rain and water during the English summer months.

Rear window Rain

A few car makers of the time tried to emulate the rear window feature on their models, with the CitroŽn Ami and Reliant Regal being two of the more common examples. Ford even tried a similar design on their four door Consul Classic range, but, for some reason, this did not have the same public appeal or sales success as the very popular Ford Anglia.

Ford Cosnul Classic

The reverse raked rear window design seemed to have been consigned to the bin, but as the car manufacturers look at ways to make their cars greener and smaller, the reverse raked rear window is making a bit of a comeback as an idea of how to make the most of the internal space within a compact car as well as providing that all important headroom in the rear.

Recent examples of this “new” type of thinking have come from Toyota with their “Will” …

Toyota Will

… and Fiat with their "Zic" concept car.

Fiat Zic

If these manufacturers think the future design appeal of new cars is with reverse raked rear windows, it does beg the question, when is Ford’s new retro styled Ford Anglia going to make an appearance?

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