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Ford Anglia 105E - Re-imagined

The “buzz word” for old TV Programs and Movies being revamped and remade is a “re-imagining”.

A similar process has been ongoing in the car industry for a few years as well now, as manufacturers look to their heritage to see how this can help them with their future. Volkswagen has managed a re-imagining of their Beetle and BMW have been successful with their version of the Mini. Even the US arm of Ford have moved forward by looking at their past, with the very successful re-imagining of the Mustang ...


... and the (not so successful) Thunderbird.


Ford UK however, have not (as yet) had to look back at their heritage for inspiration for new models and (for now at least) it appears that they are not going to “re-imagine” a new generation Anglia (and after their reasons for changing the Anglia name, it may not be a realistic name choice anyway), but it doesn’t stop others from dreaming about it (especially Anglia Owners!)

Various re-imagined designs are shown below:

The first design is from "Basikdesign" and features an Anglia similarly retro styled to Ford’s own Thunderbird.

Concept Anglia

Concept Anglia

The second design was featured in the Vol 26 No 5 Issue of Anglebox
(the magazine of the Ford Anglia 105E Owners Club)

Concept Anglia

The third design is from "kunterr" and features an Anglia similarly styled to the two concepts above.

Concept Ford Anglia

The designs look pretty good to me and would make a fine addition to the Anglia lineage, but I think I would prefer the Basikdesign to drive around in (just my opinion)

Now wouldn’t that be great, a 21st Century Anglia!

(Article Copyright MellY Designs - Please do not Reproduce without Permission)

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