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Ford Anglia Estate Combi

Welcome to the Ford Anglia Estate Combi part of the site. In this area of the site, you will find some
Information associated with the Ford Anglia Estate Combi.

Typical Estate

Estate Combi
In late 1961, early 1962, Ford released an export only model of the Ford Anglia Estate. On brochures for this model it was known as a Ford Anglia Estate Combi. This particular variation of the Estate was based on the 997cc model and was fitted with metal rear window covers instead of glass.

The interior of the rear “windows” were covered in a colour coded board fastened around the edge of the frame.

The interior of the export Ford Anglia Estate Combi was pretty much the same as a normal Estate.

The Estate Combi could carry four people in relative comfort, but if it was required to transport anything, the rear seat cushion tipped forwards and the squab folded flat into the floor for maximum carrying capacity.

Estate Interior

Estate Side Panel
It was also rumoured that some Estate vehicles were actually manufactured with metal van type metal rear window panels instead of replacement metal covers at the rear end

One such Estate / Van hybrid was offered for sale at the Ford Anglia Owners Club AGM at Stratford in 2009.

The Ford Anglia Estate Combi is quite a rare variant of the Anglia family.

The total number of Ford Anglia Estate Combi's built is unknown