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Anglia Family

The Ford Anglia Family

It has been quite interesting researching the various Models and Variations of the Ford Anglia.
There is an awful lot of web sites displaying general information about the Anglia but not that many that have any detailed or period information. Most general car web sites seem to have very similar information that all appears to come from a similar source.

I have tried to find some information about the Ford Anglia when it was in production which is not an easy thing to do after all of these years. Period information seems to be extremely hard to come by, but I am trying.
Everyone knows the three basic models of course:

... but did you know that these three seemingly innocuous models seemed to have spawned numerous variations on a theme, produced either by enterprising people or organisations. I have tried to list the different variations that I know of, based on the fact that there have been more than a handful of these models produced.

There were six variations based upon the Saloon. These consisted of:

The Estate could boast three variations (although the first two were actually based on the Saloon model)
While the Van also had three variations based on it.
Ford Anglia Pick Up

Anglia Pick Up

Ford Anglia Ice Cream Van

Anglia Ice Cream Van

Ford Anglia Ice Cream Van

Anglia Ice Cream Van

Please feel free to email me with any other information or photographs of any other variations that you may know of.