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OSI Factory

Ford Anglia 105E Torino - OSI

Officine Stampaggi Industriali (O.S.I)

Officine Stampaggi Industriali (or in English Industrial Stamping Company), was founded in 1960 by Luigi Segre (the former director of Ghia) and Arrigo Olivetti in the city of Turin, Italy.

OSI Factory

The Company was a subsidiary of Ghia and was intended to produce some of the models created by Ghia, on existing mechanicals. During the same year OSI began production on the Fiat Family of cars (1300-1500, 2300 Innocenti 950 S coupe and spider) all of which had been designed by Ghia. At the 1963 Turin Motor Show OSI exhibited the Giovanni Michelotti styled 1900 S spider. In 1964, OSI exhibited Michelotti’s latest design on the Ford of Italy stand. This was a redesigned Ford Anglia built especially for the Italian Market, and called the Ford Anglia Torino.

1965, 66 and 67 saw more and varied designs exhibited and built, amongst which was the Silver Fox of 1967.

By the time the OSI Ford 20M TS went into production in 1967, they employed some 800 people.

OSI continued to exhibit and build their latest creations until 1968, at which time all car production ended. The Company continued, but diversified into printing and industrial equipment.

The Company operated as per any other car manufacturing plant, producing vehicles on an assembly line, passing from assembly station to assembly station. Here are a few assembly line photographs of the Ford Anglia Torino being built.

Anglia Torino 02

Anglia Torino 03

Anglia Torino Production

Anglia Torino Production

Anglia Torino 04

Anglia Torino Production

Anglia Torino 05

Anglia Torino Production

Anglia Torino 06

Anglia Torino 07

Anglia Torino 08

Anglia Torino Production

Anglia Torino Production
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Please feel free to email me any other photographs or information you may have on OSI and its design and / or assembly of the Ford Anglia Torino.