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ID Plate

Ford Anglia - Identification Plate - (January 1965 Onwards)

Ford Anglia Identification Plate information taken from The Ford Anglia Parts List.
This identification plate was used on vehicles from January 1965 Onwards.

Blank Plate

The identification plate is located inside the engine compartment on the right hand inner wing.
The following is an example of the identification plate and the type of information shown.

Blank Plate

The breakdown of the information is as follows:

1 = Right hand drive12345 2 = Left hand drive

1 = 997cc (High Compression) 123452 = 997cc (Low Compression)
3 = 1198cc (High Compression) 21344 = 1198cc (Low Compression)

TRANS. (Gearbox)
S = Standard
(ie Synchronisers for all gears when 1198cc engine is fitted,
Or synchronisers on 2nd, 3rd and top gears when 997cc engine is fitted.)

AXLE (Rear Axle Ratio)
S = Standard Ratio
(ie of 4.125:1 for 997cc Saloons until May 1965 OR 4.444:1
for 997cc Saloons from May 1965, Estate Cars and Vans.
2 = 4.444:1 123453 = 4.125:1

This is the trim code used for the vehicle. In this instance B180 = P.V.C in Teal Blue
Click Here for a full list of Trim Codes)

This signifies the date of manufacture when a vehicle is shipped unassembled from the source Company for assembly in another territory.

Taking the Example on the plate shown above: BB 21 EJ 62345
This is broken down into five distinct parts.

BB 21 EJ 62345
B = Assembled in Great Britain.
(When a vehicle is shipped unassembled, the letters C or D will be shown in this position to denote the territory in which it is assembled.)

BB 21 EJ 62345
The second letter denotes where the vehicle has been assembled.
A = Dagenham12345123B = Halewood 12345123C = Langley 12345123D = Southampton

BB 21 EJ 62345
The next two numbers denote the body type
21 = Anglia Saloon
22 = Anglia Saloon Deluxe
23 = Anglia Estate
24 = Anglia Estate Deluxe
26 = Anglia Super Saloon

27 = 5 cwt Standard Van
28 = 7 cwt Standard Van
29 = 7 cwt Deluxe Van

BB 21 EJ 62345
The next two letters denote the Year and Month Code. In this instance E = 1965, J = January

Month / Year 1965 (E) 1966 (F) 1967 (G)
January J L C
February U Y K
March M S D
April P T E
May B J L
June R U Y
July A M S
August G P T
September C B J
October K R U
November D A M
December E G P

BB 21 EJ 62345
The final numbers are the actual identification number of the vehicle.

This is the paint code used for the vehicle. In this instance AH = Sunburst Yellow
Click Here for a full list of Paint Codes)

( Ford Motor Company Ltd - 1966)

Specialised Companies still manufacture Ford Anglia Identification Plates
to help give your car that authentic look when restoring your Ford Anglia.