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Triplex Glass
Date Coding

Ford Anglia 105E - Technical - Triplex Glass Date Coding

All glass on a motor vehicle bears a manufacturer’s mark and (if you are lucky) a date code. This can be particularly useful when attempting to verify the year and month in which a vehicle was actually manufactured. (Although please note that this is not a foolproof way of determining a car's age, as the glass may have been replaced at some time in the past).

Ford used three different glass manufacturers for the Ford Anglia, "Indestructo", "Triplex" and "Tyneside".

Triplex Glass

One of the most common makes of glass in the Ford Anglia was from Triplex Glass. The origins of Triplex Glass dates back to 1826, when John William Bell founded the St Helens Crown Glass Company in England. Bell’s technical ability was combined with the funds from three prominent families: The Bromilows, Greenalls, and the Pilkingtons. In 1829 the Company was renamed Greenalls and Pilkington. After the withdrawal of Greenalls in 1848, the firm was again renamed, this time to Pilkington Brothers.

In the late 1830’s and early 1840’s the manufacturing of sheet glass had transformed from a process referred to as crown glass to the blown cylinder process. The cylinder process provided a more competitive advantage, which allowed Pilkington Glass and a few other companies to dominate the market. By 1876 technology had advanced the plate glass process. This led to a boom in the plate glass industry throughout England. With the United States becoming more industrialized and self-sufficient the English export market began to wane. This meant that many glass companies failed by the turn of the century leaving Pilkington as one of the survivors. Between 1883 and 1920 the plate glass process had essentially remained the same. Then in a co-operative effort with the Ford Motor Company, Pilkington developed a continuous flow process and a method of continuous grinding and polishing. With the rise of mass production in the motor industry, the demand for plate glass was greatly increased. The need for the specialized production of safety glass led to the formation of the Triplex Safety Glass Company in 1923.

The name "Triplex" and either the word "Laminated" or "Toughened" is usually etched on the glass in a circle, with the British Vehicular Safety (BVS) kitemark under them. For dating purposes, Triplex uses a system of dots local to the words "Triplex" and "Laminated" or "Toughened".

The year of Manufacture (last digit only) was indicated by a (dot) under the letters of the words "LAMINATED" or "TOUGHENED" and the month of manufacture was indicated by (dots) over the letters "T", "R", "E" and "X" of the word "TRIPLEX"
These date codes are shown below:

Coding for the Year of Manufacture

A (dot) under the first letter of either word represents a year ending in a "1" (ie 1961)
A (dot) under the second letter of either word represents a year ending in a "2" (ie 1962)
A (dot) under the third letter of either word represents a year ending in a "3" (ie 1963)
and so on.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0
  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0

Coding for the Quarter of Year of Manufacture

Prior to January 1969 it is only possible to check which quarter of the year the glass was manufactured in.
A (dot) was shown above the letters "T", "R", "E" and "X"

January, February, March T R I P L E X
April, May, June T R I P L E X
July, August, September T R I P L E X
October, November, December T R I P L E X

The example below shows a dot above the "X" of the word "TRIPLEX", indicating that the Glass was
manufactured during the 4th quarter (ie October, November, December) and a dot below the "D" of the
word "TOUGHENED" indicating a 9 (1959 in this instance).

Coding for the Month of Manufacture (after 1969)

After 1969 the month of manufacture was broken down further.
This was now shown by one, two or three (dots) above the letters T, R, E and X

January T R I P L E X
February T R I P L E X
March T R I P L E X
April T R I P L E X
May T R I P L E X
June T R I P L E X
July T R I P L E X
August T R I P L E X
September T R I P L E X
October T R I P L E X
November T R I P L E X
December T R I P L E X

(Article Copyright MellY Designs - Please do not Reproduce without Permission)