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Ford Anglia 105E - Technical - Team Broadspeed Instrument Pod

The Speedometer Head Assembly held all of the warning lights and gauges that Ford thought the new Ford Anglia Owner would ever need. Unfortunately if you wanted to go racing then the gauges supplied were not really sufficient for your needs.

Team Broadspeed, who raced the 997cc Ford Anglia in the British Touring Car series during the late 1960's, over came this problem by producing their own instrument pod that sat on the dashboard above the original Ford Anglia instrument panel.

Anglia Dashboard

The photographs below show the actual Instrument Pod used in the Team Broadspeed Ford Anglia's.

Broadspeed Dashboard

Broadspeed Dashboard
The following information is taken from an article about the Broadspeed Ford Anglia's that appeared in a Castrol book of 1966.

"The only additional instruments, a water temperature gauge, Smiths tachometer and oil pressure gauge were all housed in a very neat glass fibre panel mounted over the existing instrument panel and visible to the driver at a glance"

Anglia Dashboard

The Gauges Explained

A description of each of the gauges in the Broadspeed Instrument Pod (based on generic gauges as I do not know the actual ones that were used) is given below:
Water Temperature Gauge
Extremes of hot and cold are not good for any engine.
An overheating engine is indicative of several forms of trouble whilst an engine that never warms up properly is inefficient.
A Water Temperature Gauge measures the temperature of the engine coolant in degrees giving the driver a good indication of whether the engine is working within normal parameters.

It must be noted that the temperature gauge does not check coolant level or condition.

Water Temperature Gauge
The tachometer measures the speed the engine is rotating in Revolutions Per Minute (RPM). This information is especially useful if the car has a manual transmission. The tachometer can help indicate the optimum RPM of the engine when changing gear for the best fuel economy or best acceleration

The tachometer can also serve as a diagnostic tool. The relationship of RPM to vehicle speed is very important. When RPM increases without vehicle speed increasing, transmission problems may be indicated. If the RPM is too low or too high at idle is also an indication of an engine running problem.

Oil Pressure Gauge
Oil pressure is vital to a vehicle and perhaps the most important instrument you can have on the dashboard is a gauge which indicates oil pressure.
Oil pressure is a measure of the force pushing the engine oil through the engine. Normal oil pressure is around 20 to 50 pounds per square inch (PSI) and normally rises and falls with engine (tachometer) speed. Most vehicles require at least 10 PSI of pressure for each 1000 RPM of engine speed.

It must be noted that the Oil Pressure Gauge does not check the oil level or the condition of the oil.

Oil Pressure Gauge

Broadspeed Instrument Pod Replica
If you wish to add that authentic 1960's period racing look to your Ford Anglia then pop on over to Team Deville's
website. They produce a pretty good fibreglass replica of the instrument pod used in the Team Broadspeed Ford Anglia's
Broadspeed Dashboard

(Article Copyright MellY Designs - Please do not Reproduce without Permission)