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Wing Badge

Ford Anglia 105E - Technical - Wing Badge

On this page we will try and identify the various badges that were used on the Ford Anglia Saloon, Estate and Van over the years of its production run. The badges were made of metal with pins on the back. These pins were inserted into plastic cups located in holes within the bodywork. This page concentrates on the front "Wing" badges

The “Wing” badge appeared at the bottom rear edge of the passenger side front wing in September of 1961 (the badges only ever appeared on the passenger side wing, no matter whether it was a LHD or RHD vehicle). This was the first time that the Ford logo had appeared on the Ford Anglia, as up until then, the vehicle had just displayed the Anglia name.
This badge appeared on all versions of the Ford Anglia Saloon, Estate and Van

The first Ford badge appeared on the Anglia in September 1961 and was rectangular in shape, displaying the Ford logo in the centre of a white rectangle. Rectangular Badge

The rectangular badge was replaced in September of 1965 by an oval badge that mimicked the Ford logo in shape. This badge stayed with the Anglia until production ceased in 1967.

Modern reproductions of these badges are available from various sources on the Internet,
including the Spares Department of the
Ford Anglia 105E Owners Club.

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Ford Anglia Wing Badge Illustration taken from The Ford Anglia Parts List.

Wing Badge Part Numbers

Part No Name of Part Year Range Remarks S V E
109E - 16079-C Badge (Company Name) - RH, LHD 09/61 - USA 1 1 1
109E - 16079-D Badge (Company Name) - LH, RHD - RH, LHD 09/61 - 09/65 Except USA 1 1 1
120E - 16079 Badge (Company Name) - LH, RHD - RH, LHD 09/65 - Except USA 1 1 1

Quantites Required for - S = Saloon, V = Van, E - Estate

( Ford Motor Company Ltd - 1966)