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Turner Sports
Cars Ltd

Turner Sports Cars - (1960 - 1966)

Turner Sports Cars Limited, started out from humble beginnings, when John (Jack) Turner built several one off racing cars at The Smithy in Seisdon, South Staffordshire from 1949. Jack moved his works to 32 Merridale Street, Wolverhampton around 1953, and then on to Pendeford Airport in Wolverhampton in 1956.

The first lightweight production Turner Sports Cars were introduced in 1954 and featured a steel tube ladder frame chassis with either a steel or fibreglass body. The running gear and engines were initially sourced from a variety of sources, giving the cars good handling on both the road and the race track.

In 1959 a new model was developed that featured a new body and chassis, optional front disc brakes and a 948cc Austin engine. These cars became known as the Turner Sports Mk1.

The Turner Sports Mk II was introduced in 1960. The body style was very similar to the Mk I but with minor detail changes. These changes consisted of an improved cockpit and interior trim, narrower doors and a more “squared” shape. The Mk II was also the first car to make use of Triumph front suspension. The Mk II allowed for lots of different engine options and was also the first Turner to make use of the new 997cc Ford 105E Engine.

Turner Mk 2

Turner Sports Mk II

The Mk III (and final) Turner Sports Car appeared in late 1963 and was a natural evolution of the Mk II. The body was similar to the Mk II but featured a large distinctive air scoop on the front of the bonnet and the Ford 1500cc Cortina engine as standard (although other engine options including the 997cc Ford 105E Engine could still be specified by the buyer).

Turner Mk 3

Turner Sports Mk III

The majority of the Mk III cars were shipped across to the USA, and this model remained in production until the close of the factory in 1966.

  Turner Sports Mk II Turner Sports Mk III
Production 1960 - 1963:
Approx 148 Built
1963 - 1966:
Approx 92 Built
Bodystyle Two-seater sports Two-seater sports
Engine Various
BMC A Series 948cc
Coventry Climax FWA 1098cc
FWE 1216cc
997cc Ford 105E
1198cc Ford
1340cc Ford
1500cc Ford
997cc Ford 105E (optional)
1340cc Ford (optional)
1500cc Ford
Engine position Front Front
Driven wheels Rear Rear

Approx 240 Turner Sports Mk II and Mk III models were produced before production ceased in 1966

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