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Ford Prefect

Ford Prefect 107E - (1959 - 1961)

Ford Motor Company Limited produced it's first incarnation of the Ford Prefect in 1938. This was a typical pre war design with headlights on the sweeping wings and small running boards. The model was updated slightly after the war, which included moving the headlights into the wings. In 1953 a more modern "3 box design" was launched, which progressed into a range of cars generally known as the 100E range (which included the Popular, Anglia and Prefect). Outsiders thought this would all change with the introduction of the new Anglia.

The exciting new Ford Anglia 105E of 1959 did bring a revolution to small Fords with its unique styling and all new Engine, but unfortunately, it did not have four doors. Anyone expecting a four door Ford with equally unique styling were disappointed when, launched at the same time as the Ford Anglia 105E, was the four door Ford Prefect 107E.

Ford Prefect

Effectively, this was the four door Ford Prefect 100E shape fitted with the Ford Anglia 105E’s overhead valve engine and four-speed transmission. As it happens, this was a rather clever move on Ford's part as it ensured that those buyers who insisted on four doors could still buy a Ford, and anyone who was doubtful about the Ford Anglia 105E's relatively outrageous styling could also opt for the rather staid, restrained look offered by the Ford Prefect 107E.

Ford Prefect

To differentiate itself from the previous 100E range the Prefect 107E not only had the all new 105E Engine and gearbox, but it also had some rather plusher interior touches and could be specified with two-tone paintwork as standard.

Despite these advantages, the Ford Prefect 107E only remained in production for little more than eighteen months

  Ford Prefect 107E
Production 1959 - 1961:
38,154 Built
Bodystyle Four door, four seater Saloon
Engine 997cc Ford 105E
Engine position Front
Driven wheels Rear

38,154 Ford Prefect 107E's had been built by the time production came to an end in June 1961

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