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MBM Tourismo - (1961 - 1962)

Monteverdi Binningen Motors (MBM) was a Swiss company owned by Peter Monteverdi. MBM mainly focused on competition cars, but a few road going sports cars were also produced. Amongst these road going sports cars was the MBM Tourismo.

MBM Tourismo

The MBM Tourismo was basically a Heron Europa with slight design tweeks to the frontal area. The Europa had a steel backbone chassis with outriggers fore and aft to support the running gear and was produced with discs brakes at the front and drums at the rear. The Europa GRP body was bonded to this chassis and plywood floor pan into which was fitted the Ford engine. It is unknown what, if anything, was different about the design of the MBM Tourismo’s mechanicals or body.

The engine in the MBM Tourismo was the Ford 105E’s 997cc straight four Over Head Valve (OHV) unit.

MBM Tourismo

A 1961 MBM Tourismo currently resides in the Monteverdi Museum

  MBM Tourismo
Production 1961 - 1962:
2 Built
Bodystyle Two-seater
Engine 997cc Ford 105E
Engine position Front
Driven wheels Rear

It is believed that only 2 examples of the MBM Tourismo were produced.

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