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TVR Grantura

TVR Grantura - (1961 - 1969)

The TVR Company in Blackpool, England, started out like so many other sports car manufacturers by bolting in house designed, lightweight special bodies onto tried and tested mechanicals. The first TVR Grantura made its debut in 1958 and would lead to a whole series of Grantura models, from the Mk I to the Mk IV and 1800S.

The first of the Grantura’s had a glass reinforced plastic coupé style body shell, that had a long bonnet and a stubby tail and which made use of a wide variety of proprietary components. The bonnet was front hinged like the Ford Anglia 105E and there was no hatch or opening at the rear. Any luggage stored in the boot area could only be accessed from inside the car, with the spare wheel having to be removed through the front doors, if required. The engine bay was large enough to allow buyers to choose from a whole range of power plants including the 997cc Ford 105E engine. The body was moulded to a tubular steel frame that featured VW-based trailing-link independent suspension to both front and rear and BMC sourced brakes and rear axle.

Grantura Mk1

TVR Grantura Mk I

The Grantura Mk II was introduced in late 1960 and was a lightly modified Mark I with several visual improvements to the lights and wings. The main difference from the Mk I was the introduction of the option of the MGA 1588cc engine which produced 80 bhp

Grantura Mk2

TVR Grantura Mk II

The Mk II was only produced for a few months before further improvements were made. The Grantura Mk IIa that followed in early 1961 was basically a Grantura Mk II with Girling front disc brakes, rack and pinion steering, a modified engine line-up and a quarter light that could no longer be opened.

Grantura Mk2a

TVR Grantura Mk IIA

In 1963 a final series of cars which had a new, longer and stiffer chassis and coil spring independent suspension was produced. This chassis would form the basis of the one used by TVR up to the launch of the 2500M cars in 1972.

  Grantura Mk I Grantura Mk II Grantura Mk IIA
Production 1958 - 1960:
100 Built
1960 - 1961:
Approx 400 incl. Mark IIA
1961 - 1962:
Approx 400 incl. Mark II
Bodystyle Two-seater coupé Two-seater coupé Two-seater coupé
Engine Various
997cc Ford 105E
1172cc Ford 100E
1216cc Coventry Climax
1489cc MGA
997cc Ford 105E
1216cc Coventry Climax FWE
1588cc MGA
997cc Ford 105E
1340cc Ford 109E
1622cc MGA
1588cc MGA (early cars)
1216cc Coventry Climax FWE
Engine position Front Front Front
Driven wheels Rear Rear Rear

Approx 500 Grantura Mk I, II and IIa models were produced before the Company released the Grantura Mk III

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