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Buckler DD2

Buckler DD2 - (1957 - 1962)

The Buckler Cars Company started life in 1947, and was founded in Reading, Berkshire by Derek Buckler. Between 1947 and 1962 the company made some 500 cars with many of them being made in Crowthorne, Berkshire, where a plaque can be seen on the site of the former factory.

The first model, based on Derek Buckler's own very successful 1947 Buckler Special, was called the Mark V, allegedly because he did not want people to think it was the first car he had produced.

Like many other small car manufacturers at the time, Buckler produced there own space frame chassis onto which were fitted in house designed lightweight Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP) bodies. The chassis was based on Ford mechanicals and components as they were readily available and for ease of maintenance, but was designed from the outset to accept a range of mechanical components to enable buyers to create their own lightweight sports car suitable for road or track use. The cars were supplied either fully built to order with a works body or optionally (and most commonly) in component form for home completion.

There were seven more revisions of the Buckler design before the DD2 came along.

The Buckler DD2 was introduced around 1957 and carried on in production up to 1962. It was built around a tubular space frame chassis, which was adaptable, at the time of order, to accept any engine up to 2 litres and a variety of suspension options including De Dion with inboard brakes. The chassis incorporating coaxial coil spring shock absorber units fitted all round, was then clothed in a modern (for the time) Glass Reinforced Plastic bodyshell.

Buckler DD2 Chassis
( Malcolm Buckler Collection - 2011)

Buckler DD2 Chassis with 105E Engine

In line with the previous vehicles, the Buckler DD2 could be purchased ready made, complete with a performance road test certificate, or in component form for the owner to build himself. As the specifications of the cars were very flexible to suit the purchaser, it was possible that although visually similar, no DD2’s were exactly the same.

Buckler DD2

Derek Buckler had to sell his company as a going concern around 1962 due to failing health. After that time the company seemed to lose momentum and the new owners closed down after a few years of spasmodic trading.

  Buckler DD2
Production 1957 - 1962:
** Built
Bodystyle Two-seater, two door
Engine Various
1172cc Ford side valve engine.
997cc Ford 105E
1198cc Ford 113E/118E
1340cc Ford 109E
1498cc Ford 113E/118E
1703cc Ford
Engine position Front
Driven wheels Rear

The number of Buckler DD2 models produced is unknown at present.
More information about Buckler Cars can be found at

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