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Letter No 90

Passenger Car Service Letter - 1963 Series - No 90

Anglia Range
4th September 1963

Carburettor to Manifold Gaskets

anglia New "Anglia", Range

It is possible that if the wrong carburettor to manifold gasket is fitted to a 997cc, 1198cc, 1340cc or 1500cc engine some slight peculiarity in engine performance could occur. For example:-

(a) carburettor percolation if a thin paper type gasket is fitted instead of a thick asbestos gasket.

(b) a slight whistle occurring if a gasket, that has slots cut in the bore, is used instead of a gasket with a round bore.

Therefore please ensure that the correct gasket is fitted to an engine by referring to the table below:-

Engine Gasket
997cc (Pre-pump type - Carburettor Part No 105E-9510-B) 105E-9447 Thick asbestos type with
two slots cut in bore
997cc (Pump type - Carburettor Part No 105E-9510-C)
113E-9447 Thick asbestos type with
round bore
1500cc (Standard)
109E-9447 Thin paper type with
round bore
1500cc (GT) 116E-9447 Will only fit four hole
flange on special manifold

Warning:These service letters were obviously produced before the dangers of Asbestos were apparent.
Please ensure you take the correct precautions if you encounter any Asbestos material on your Ford Anglia. The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) in the UK, publish many leaflets on handling Asbestos. One such leaflet entitled “
Removing compressed asbestos fibre gaskets and asbestos rope seals” can be downloaded below.


If you are unsure about any aspects relating to the handling or removal of Asbestos.
Please contact your local environmental officer or seek the advice of the HSE (

service letter

A copy of Service Letter No 90 can be downloaded below


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