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Letter No 78

Passenger Car Service Letter - 1963 Series - No 78

Anglia Range
4th September 1963

"AUTOLITE" Spark Plugs

anglia All Models

All vehicles in the “Anglia” range are fitted with sets of “Autolite” spark plug as an alternative to “Champion” spark plugs. This was effective from approximate engine numbers :- 105E-700644 and 113E-172237

The servicing procedures, as described in “Zephyr 4/6” and “Zodiac” MK III service Letter No 55 (Export), 1963 Series, are reprinted below for ease of reference.

“Note that both types of spark plug should be set to a gap of 0.023in (0.586mm) to 0.028in (0.702mm). To adjust a gap do not bend the centre electrode of either type plug. Ensure that only the earth electrode is bent towards or away from the centre electrode.

The sealing washers are captive and should not require replacement during normal plug life. Care must be taken when fitting spark plugs to ensure that they are not over-tightened, the correct torque being 24 to 28 lb/ft (3.22 to 3.87 kg.m) If excessive torque is applied to a plug the ceramic insulator could loosen, thus rendering it inefficient”.

Below is a list showing the spark plugs applicable to engines of vehicles in the various model ranges.

service letter

Note: The above Chart may be somewhat out of date (it was produced 47 years ago).
Some of the spark plug manufacturers may have changed their codes or may no longer be available. A handy reference chart is shown below, but please check that you have the correct spark plugs for your application.
N5C (replaced N5)

spark plug

Autolite /
Motorcraft AG3

spark plug


spark plug


spark plug

service letter

A copy of Service Letter No 78 can be downloaded below


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