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Saloon Photo
Album No 04

Ford Anglia 2011 Motor Racing Photo's - Album No 04

The Victor Meldrew Challenge - 12th November 2011

The Victor Meldrew Challenge is aimed at drivers who once aspired to be in Formula One and who have been subsequently usurped by more youthful opponents. After a successful inaugural event in 2007, support for the 2008 Victor Meldrew Trophy was outstanding with many drivers voting with their pension books and entering, with this support continuing.

To ensure parity in what is usually the most diverse grid of the year, the races are handicapped, thereby giving the infirm the same chance as one or two young people who appear to have found their way into the event via subterfuge.

In order to ward off any attempt by these young people to walk off with the fabled Victor Meldrew trophy, there also exists another layer of handicapping wherein the drivers age and weight, length of marriage, sight correction, groin pain, audible creaking, moaning and dribbling are entered into a complex algorithm to find the truly deserving Victor victor.

MSVR Victor Meldrew Trophy - Race 1
Matt Seldon produced an impressive drive from row 12 on the grid to win the first
Victor Meldrew Trophy handicap race.

MSVR Victor Meldrew Trophy - Race 1 - Top 5

1. Matt Seldon, BMW E30
2. John Willcocks, BMW E30
3. Colin Tester, Ford Sierra Cosworth
4. Gordon Streeter, Ford Anglia
5. Eliot Dunmore, Toyota

Gordon's Anglia 1

Gordon's Anglia 2

Gordon's Anglia 3

Gordon's Anglia 4
( Keith Duke 2011 - http://www.flickr.com )

MSVR Victor Meldrew Trophy - Race 2
Despite a valiant challenge by Gordon Streeter, Steve Cassar snatched the victory
in the second Victor Meldrew Trophy race at Brands Hatch.

MSVR Victor Meldrew Trophy - Race 2 - Top 5

1. Steve Cassar, Proton Coupe
2. Gordon Streeter, Ford Anglia
3. Eliot Dunmore, Toyota
4. Brian Daly, BMW E30
5. John Cross, SEAT Leon Cupra

Gordon's Anglia 5

In order to decide the overall Victor  the results from the two races were input in to the fiendishly complicated Victor Meldrew ailments handicapping computer, which concluded that Gordon Streeter  became the 5th Victor Victor.

Gordon's Streeter
(Write up and Photo Project 8 Racing Saloons - http://www.racingsaloons.co.uk/ )

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