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City of Sheffield

Ford Anglia's Serving with the City of Sheffield

Sheffield crest

City of Sheffield Police

A Brief History of the City of Sheffield Police

There seems to be little history around for the Sheffield City Police force. All I have been able to do is copy the same “history” that seems to appear on lots of Police websites.

"The history of the Sheffield Police Force can be said to date from 1818 when, after considerable debate, an Improvement Act was passed which transferred the lighting, watching and cleansing of Sheffield from the Town Trustees to a body of Commissioners. Colonel Fenton was appointed as first superintendent of the Police and on his death in 1835 he was succeeded by Thomas Raynor. In 1836 the first daily policemen were appointed.

On 4 April 1844 responsibility for the Police Force was transferred from the Improvement Commissioners to Sheffield Town Council, under the supervision of the Watch Committee, and in June that year, the area covered was extended outwards from the centre of the town. At first the Police Force was housed in the Town Hall. It was not until 1864-1865 that a purpose built police station was erected in Castle Green. The force grew steadily and by 1900 there were eight police stations in addition to the central station, and by 1921 this number had risen to thirteen.

On 1st June 1967 Sheffield City Police and the Rotherham Borough Police merged to form the Sheffield and Rotherham Constabulary. This covered the adjacent county boroughs of Sheffield and Rotherham. This was a short lived Police Force as 31st March 1974 it was amalgamated under the Local Government Act of 1972 with parts of the West Yorkshire Constabulary to form the South Yorkshire Police Force".

Ford Anglia's as used by the City of Sheffield Police

I do not have that much information about the Anglia’s used by the City fo Sheffield Police.
All I have seen so far is a single photograph of four Anglia Estates.

Sheffield Police Anglia
www.picturesheffield.com - 2017)

List of City of Sheffield Police Ford Anglia Police Cars (so far!)
Registration Body Type Colour Accessories
- Standard Estate Black and White Roof Sign and Police Door Signs

If you have any further other information or photographs about the Ford Anglia's serving with the City of Sheffield Police that I may use, please feel free to email me.