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Ford Anglia's Serving with the Fife Constabulary


Fife Constabulary

A Brief History of the Fife Constabulary

During the early part of the 19th century, a number of different officials carried out policing duties in the County of Fife. These included night watchmen and town guards, whose powers were limited to their own villages or burghs.

On 13 May 1840, Fife County Constabulary was duly established with 32 officers. Mr Robert Adamson, a member of the London Metropolitan Police, was placed in charge of the new Force with the rank of Superintendent.

Following the passing of the Burgh Police (Scotland) Act 1892, the title of the officers in charge of all Burgh and City Forces was changed to Chief Constable. The three separate Forces in Fife, namely Fife County Constabulary; Kirkcaldy Burgh Police and Dunfermline City Police, continued throughout the latter part of the 19th and the first half of the 20th centuries under a succession of Chief Constables.

On 16 May 1949, under the command of Mr John Inch, then serving Chief Constable of Dunfermline City Police, the three constituent Forces amalgamated to form the present combined Force of Fife Constabulary. From 1949 until 15 May 1975, a Joint Police Committee representing each of the Local Authorities which had administered the previous three Forces, met on a regular basis and carried out their responsibilities for the supply and maintenance of Fife Constabulary. With the reorganisation of Local Government, responsibility for such matters fell to Fife Regional Council, now Fife Council.

The Force Headquarters subsequently moved from Kirkcaldy to occupy buildings at Wemyss Road, Dysart and in December 1995 the present Headquarters building was opened in Glenrothes.

Ford Anglia Saloons as used by the Fife Constabulary

Fife Constabulary took delivery of their first Ford Anglia’s in 1967. These vehicles were the 'basic' Ford Anglia’s, lacking the full-width chrome-plated radiator grille of the deluxe model. The cars main body colour was lagoon blue complemented by white doors and a white band over the roof. The cars had an illuminated roof sign with an air horn on either side.

Fife’s first Ford Anglia “Panda” Cars were handed over to
Assistant and Deputy Chief Constable James Lorimer in 1967.

Handing over the Panda Cars
( Fife Constabulary - 2008)

Everything on this page is Fife Constabulary - http://www.fife.police.uk - 2008

If you have any further other information or photographs about the Anglia's serving with the Fife Constabulary that I may use, please feel free to email me.