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Sarah Jane

Ford Anglia 105E at the Movies

Young Ones The Sarah Jane Adventures - 2007

Season 1 - Whatever Happened to Sarah Jane?

There's a meteor heading for Earth, but Sarah reassures Maria that when it's in range, she and Mr Smith will deflect it safely. The next morning, Maria discovers to her horror that Sarah Jane and Luke have disappeared, and she seems to be the only one who remembers them! A woman called Andrea Yates is living in Sarah's house instead. Maria ends up in limbo with Sarah Jane, after briefly meeting a teenage version of her in 1964 and asking her not to go onto the pier. Sarah tells her that, in the real timeline, it was Andrea who fell from the pier. Can Sarah Jane get back to save the Earth?

Starring:- Elisabeth Sladen (Sarah Jane Smith); Daniel Anthony (Clyde Langer); Thomas Knight (Luke Smith); Alexander Armstrong (Mr Smith (voice)); Yasmin Paige (Maria Jackson)

The TV Stills

All TV stills are Copyright of
BBC Worldwide Ltd 2007


A light green Anglia Van is used in the "flash back" sequence of the Episode.

Anglia Van 1

Anglia Van 2

Anglia Van 3

Anglia Van 4

Anglia Van 5

Anglia Van 6

Anglia Van 7