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Ford Anglia 105E at the Movies

The Protectors The Protectors - 1972

Episode 11 - Balance Of Terror

The Protectors are approached by K.G.B. agent Krassinkov to help them find defecting Russian scientist Professor Schelpin, a top bio-chemist who has disappeared with a phial of germ warfare toxin which could wipe out the population of London. To their surprise, Schelpin turns up at a conference where he confirms his intentions to alert the world to the horrors of germ warfare, but he disappears again before he can be stopped. Realising that Schelpin plans to unleash the toxin on the anniversary of the destruction of Hiroshima, Harry, Caroline and Paul have only nine hours to avert disaster...

Starring:- Robert Vaughn; Nyree Dawn Porter; Tony Anholt

The TV Stills

All TV stills are Copyright of
ITC / Carlton 1972

Protectors 1

About half way through the episode, there is
an Anglia parked outside the Hospital.

Protectors 2

Protectors 3

Protectors 4

Protectors 5

Protectors 6

Protectors 7

Protectors 8