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Ford Anglia 105E at the Movies

Panorama 1959 A Panorama Guide - 2009

In 1959, Britain was coming to the realisation that the old world was fast disappearing. The age of Empire was ebbing away and attitudes to class, race and gender were beginning to shift too.

Television was entering a golden age and one programme recorded the birth of modern Britain like no other - Panorama.

1959: A Panorama Guide looks at this fascinating year through the eyes of Panorama.

The TV Stills

All TV stills are Copyright of
BBC 2009


Part of the documentary shows the shop stewards
on the Anglia assembly line at Dagenham.

Anglia 1

Anglia 2

Anglia 3

Anglia 4

Anglia 5

Anglia 6

Anglia 7