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Charley Says

Ford Anglia 105E at the Movies

Charley Says Public Information Film - "Lonely Water" - 1973

This was the scariest of all the Public Information Films bought out by the UK Government during the 1970's.

This PIF featured the faceless, hooded "spirit of dark and lonely water" (very creepily voiced by Donald Pleasance) who dragged unwary children to their deaths in ponds full of old bikes and shopping trolleys. The film tried to make children aware of the dangers around such areas of water.

It finished with the chilling catch-phrase, "I'll be baaack!".

This PIF made Channel 4's 100 Greatest Scary Moments, voted for by the public, which was shown in October 2003.

The Public Information Film Stills

All Public Information Film stills are
Crown Copyright 1973

lonely Water 1

The Anglia appears as a derelict around which
the children should not be playing.

lonely Water 2

lonely Water 3

lonely Water 4

lonely Water 5

lonely Water 6

lonely Water 7

lonely Water 8