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Fizzy Days

Ford Anglia 105E at the Movies

Fizzy Days Fizzy Days - 2006

For a brief few years in the early 70’s of the UK the only transport available to the sixteen year old teenager itching to sample the freedom of the open road and all that went with it, was a phenomenon known as the sports moped. The fastest and most nimble of these was the Fizzy. A little 50cc moped. Primarily for transport, the ‘sixteener special’ had another purpose… "Everybody knows if you’ve got the right ride you can pull the birds"

Eddy and Tommo, two likely teenagers about to finish school, need transport if they are to win the affection of Debs and Ange, two local girls. The two set off on a quest to secure funds by any means, to purchase themselves ‘Fizzy’ chick magnets!

Starring : Kris Scholes ; Scott Whitley ; Sam Kearney ; James Cockerill ; Holly Fairburn

The Movie Stills

All Movie stills are Copyright of
Blackdog Productions 2006

Fizzy Days 1

The Ford Anglia Van appears near the
end of the Film as a getaway Vehicle

Fizzy Days 2

Fizzy Days 3

Fizzy Days 4

Fizzy Days 5

Fizzy Days 6

Fizzy Days 7

Fizzy Days 8

A behind the scenes shot of the Ford Anglia Van

Anglia Van