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Rock Boogie

Ford Anglia 105E in a Pop Video

Hank C Burnette 1 Spinning Rock Boogie - 1966

AT LAST......here it is..."THE MOST ORIGINAL, AMAZING INSTRUMENTAL EVER RELEASED" according to the UK Sounds magazine. The ORIGINAL and OFFICIAL UK Sonet video release of "SPINNIN' ROCK BOOGIE", filmed in U.K. (Southend On Sea) in late '76 and broadcast on just about every TV Station throughout Europe at the time. Even the rather strict UK Melody Maker weekly went bananas and called Hank C Burnette: "A MAD GENIUS MOVING HIS GUITAR FINGERS AT FASTER-THAN-LIGHT-SPEED"! Not to mention UK Country Music Review who came up with : "ONE OF THE MOST INTRIGUING MUSICIANS IN THE WORLD TODAY"!

Those were indeed the days of creativity and imaginative inventions!!
Happy listening (and watching!) y'all...

Featuring: Hank C Burnette and some Custom Machinery

The Movie Stills

All Video stills are Copyright of
Sonet UK - 1976

Hank C Burnette 1

A Ford Anglia Van "Discotrucker" and Pick Up
Galen's Truck" feature throughout the video.

Hank C Burnette 2

Hank C Burnette 3

Hank C Burnette 4

Hank C Burnette 5

Hank C Burnette 6

Hank C Burnette 7

Hank C Burnette 8