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Friary Motors

Ford Anglia 105E Estate Conversion - Friary Motors Ltd - Movie

Site Visitor Geoff Pollard has sent me the following concerning the Friary Motors Ford Anglia 105E Estate Conversion

"My family used to live in Wimbledon, and in the late 60's I sometimes saw a very puzzling car driving around the area. Ford Anglia, but a fastback, two-tone pale blue and white. I never knew what it was, and couldn't find anyone else who did. However the memory stuck with me (also as my own first car was a 105E), latterly a classic car enthusiast, but never a mention in any of the classic car mags - and 40 years later I found your site by accident .......... mystery solved.

Now this is where it gets interesting. If you know Wimbledon/Raynes Park - there's a terribly low arch under the railway between the two. In about 1968, the main underpass at Raynes Park was shut for repair so traffic diverted via the arch. Due to low clearance, they strung brass bells across the road at 8ft height either side to give warning of over-height. Always wanted to find a pic of it, but no joy. Until by pure chance, I found a newsreel of it on the Pathe Archive - here http://www.britishpathe.com/record.php?id=72017

What connection with Anglias you may well ask. Well have a look at what drives past at 1:48.18! Good eh?"

Friary Anglia Clip 1

Some Clips ...
For those who can not wait to see the video, here are some screen shots of the Anglia.

Friary Anglia Clip 1

Friary Anglia Clip 2

Friary Anglia Clip 3

Friary Anglia Clip 4

Friary Anglia Clip 5

Friary Anglia Clip 6

Friary Anglia Clip 7

Friary Anglia Clip 8

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