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Ford Anglia Sportsman

Welcome to the Ford Anglia Sportsman part of the site. In this area of the site, you will find some
Adverts, Articles, Brochures, Models and Photo's associated with the Ford Anglia Sportsman.

Typical Anglia Sportsman

During 1961, Ford took the opportunity to introduce a European only variant in to the Anglia family called the Sportsman.

The Sportsman was built by Ford of Belgium, at Antwerp, was based on the 997cc Anglia deluxe and even carried it's own Advertisements and Brochures extolling the virtues of the model as a sporting saloon.The Ford Anglia Sportsman was to all intents and purposes a normal Anglia deluxe, except that the spare wheel was mounted on the outside of the boot lid. This gave the Anglia far more luggage space in the boot, and was also Ford’s attempt to give the Anglia a more up-market appearance by adopting the same practice that was being used on luxury American models at the time, with the fitment of "Continental Style” spare wheel holders.

In keeping with this more glamorous theme, large rear chrome bumper over-riders and broad white-wall tyres were also fitted, again mimicking the design styles of the luxury American market at the time.

The Sportsman also came with special chrome wheel trims, chromed exhaust, chromed "Sportsman" badge and a screen washer as standard and was available in a choice of new colours.

This variation of the Ford Anglia Family was not available in the UK, but several Companies saw the benefits of having the spare wheel fitted on the outside of the boot lid and so produced kits of varying quality for Owners in the UK to fit to their vehicles.

Spare wheel carrier kits were also available for the 106E in Norway for the equivalent of 8.

Spare Wheel

Sportsman Diagram
An early copy of the Ford Anglia 105E Owners Club’s magazine, “Anglebox” carried a sketch from a member of a spare wheel holder.

A spare wheel carrier similar to this sketch is presently being produced by KMJ Restorations in the UK.

The Ford Anglia Sportsman is quite a rare variant of the Anglia family.

The total number of Ford Anglia Sportsman's built is unknown