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Article No 31

Ford Anglia 105E Saloon - Article No 31

"The real star of the new Harry Potter movie" - Thousand Oaks Acorn Website - 5th December 2002

The real star of the new Harry Potter movie


There’s a good chance that you’ve already seen the latest Harry Potter movie and, perhaps, wondered what car is featured in the opening sequences.

It’s a British Ford, to be exact an Anglia 105E, and it just happens to be exactly the same model and color of the very first

vehicle I ever owned.

Introduced in 1959, the Ford Anglia, based on the styling of a Mercury Monterey (seen in the background), took the British motoring public by storm. It marked a complete change with the British design tradition which, at that time, gave a new meaning to the word staid.The Anglia quickly established itself as a best seller and was sold around the world with a few making their way to these shores.

In many ways the Anglia design was way ahead of its time. The distinctive rear-sloping back window and frog-like eyes made it very different from any other small vehicle on the roads at the time. Ford also went in for colors that no one had even dared consider. Ford Anglias were built in primrose yellow, light green and blue and even with two tones.

The car introduced the British to American car styling with the two diminutive wings and a full-width plated grille.

It’s engine was a tiny high-revving four-cylinder 997cc ohv engine, which developed a whopping 39 bhp at 5,000 rpm through a four-speed gearbox with no syncromesh on first.

The little car had a real problem with rust. It grew everywhere as I found out one day when I pressed too hard on the clutch and the floor pan gave way. The rest of the car wasn’t far behind

––Michael Binstock

( http://www.toacorn.com - December 2002)