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1963 Monte
Carlo Rally

Ford Anglia 105E - 1963 Monte Carlo Rally


The 32nd Monte Carlo Rally of 1963 saw cars starting from the following cities: Stockholm, Paris, Glasgow, Lisbon, Frankfurt, Warsaw, Athens and Monte Carlo.

There were fewer Ford Anglia's taking part in the 1963 rally, but they stil had a fair presence in the race. Like other years the weather took a hand in deciding which cars would reach Monte Carlo. The Glasgow starters ran into bad weather immediately and icy conditions prevailed all the way to Dover. Southern Europe was drenched with snow and subzero temperatures, so it was those who started in the North who found it easy going. The Stockholm starters faired quite well. Of the 96 finishers, 47 started at Stockholm. In contrast, everyone who started from Athens was eliminated by a Yugoslavian blizzard. Rains washed out half the Lisbon contingent, and none of those survivors made it through to Monte Carlo. Just three cars made it all of the way through from Frankfurt, and they did it by taking a large detour around the snow.

From Warsaw only 4 out of 14 got through and when the six surviving groups paused in Chambery to change tyres, there were still 216 competitors left in the rally. But those who felt the worst was behind them were sadly mistaken. The route south led to the strenuous series of special stages. It was here in the twisty, narrow mountain trails, of all places, that the lavishly prepared Ford Falcon effort shone. Never in the history of the Monte Carlo Rally has one car achieved fastest time on each and every special stage, but Bo "Bussy" Ljungfeldt did just that in the Holman and Moody-prepared Ford Falcon Sprint, even with the slight displacement handicap imposed on their 4.25-liter V8s. But for-his delay in the traffic tie-up at Montauban, Bussy could well have won over-all. After the special stages, the field had been whittled down to 96 finishers.

The Rally was ultimately won by Erik Carlsson / Gunnar Palm in a Saab 96 Sport (Car No 283)
The Coupe des Dames (Ladies Cup) was won by Mmes Ewy Rosqvist / Ursula Wirth in a Mercedes 220 SE  (Car No 269) who finished 16th overall in the Rally.

A write up of the 1963 Monte Carlo Rally by "Sports Illustrated" magazine can be read here.

Ford Anglia 105E - Car No 57 - Pat Moss / Elma Lewsey

Ford Anglia - Car No 57

Ford Anglia - Car No 57

Ford Anglia - Car No 57

Ford Anglia - Car No 57

Ford Anglia - Car No 57

Ford Anglia 105E - Car No 185 - Sydney Allard / Tom Fisk

Ford Anglia - Car No 185

Ford Anglia 105E - Car No 279 - Jean Vinatier / Roger Masson

Ford Anglia - Car No 279

Ford Anglia 105E - Car No 310 - Bostrom

Ford Anglia - Car No 310

Results of the Rally (Top 3 Shown)

32nd Monte Carlo Rally
Held on 20th to 24th January 1963

Notes: There were 307 entries, 296 starters, 96 finishers (DNF = Did Not Finsh)

Finish Class Position
in Class
Race No Team / Entrant
Engine Size Starting Point
1 Cat 1
Cl 2
1 283 Erik Carlsson / Gunnar Palm
Saab 96 Sport (Reg No P77558)
- Stockholm
2 Cat 1
Cl 6
1 233 Pauli Toivonen / A.Jarvi
Citroen DS 19
- -
3 Cat 1
Cl 3
1 288 Raino Aaltonen / Anthony Ambrose
Morris Mini Cooper (Reg No 977 ARX)
- -
arrow - - - arrow - - arrow
32 Cat 2
Cl 3
1 185 Sydney Allard / Tom Fisk
Ford Anglia Allardette (Reg 403 EYW)
47 - - 279 Jean Vinatier / Roger Masson
Ford Anglia
997cc Stockholm
49 Cat 2
Cl 3
2 150 Alan Allard / R.Mackie
Ford Anglia Allardette
DNF - - 1 Doug Ray / Frank Herwin
Ford Anglia Allardette
1340cc Lisbon
DNF - - 57 Pat Moss / Elma Lewsey
Ford Anglia Super (Reg No 001406)
1198cc Paris
DNF - - 180 Jones / Gardener
Ford Anglia
997cc Glasgow
DNF - - 182 King / Sproxton
Ford Anglia
997cc Glasgow
DNF - - 258 Nielsen / Borup
Ford Anglia
1198cc Stockholm
DNF - - 305 Nielsen / Bonne
Ford Anglia
- Stockholm
DNF - - 310 Bostrom / ?
Ford Anglia
- Stockholm
DNF - - 334 Monnoyeur / Constantin
Ford Anglia
997cc Athens
DNF - - - David Seigle-Morris / ?
Ford Anglia
- Paris
DNF - - - S.Carruthers / W.Robson
Ford Anglia
- Glasgow