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News 2018

Ford Anglia 105E - Previous News Items for 2018

Please click on the relevant thumbnails to see the Previous News Items

1st April 2018 - Happy Easter!!
Anglia News - The North Midlands Group (of which I am a member) of the Ford Anglia 105E Owners Club
now has its own Facebook Group Page, run by the new Area Rep Joseph Frederick-Thomas Gabrielli
which will keep you updated about which shows we will be attending this year.

Site News - A new Ford Anglia Article Added.

Anglia Article

Photos from the 2018
Brean Stages Rally Added

Brean Stages Rally

Photos from the 2017
King of the Hill Rally Added

A Ford Anglia Pop Video
appearance Added

JMO Broke

A Ford Anglia
Workshop Manual Added

Ford Anglia Book

25th March 2018 - It's Van week on the site.
William Widdop Anglia Van Model Clock Added.

Anglia Van Model

A Ford Anglia Van Trailer
was recently advertised on ebay

Van Trailer

A Ford Anglia Van
Price List Added

Van Price Guide

A Ford Anglia Van
Advert Added

Ford Anglia Van Advert

18th March 2018 - An NFU Mutual stress relieving foam Anglia Model Added.

Anglia Model

Photos from the 2018
New Years Stages Rally Added

New Yeasr Stages Rally

A Ford Anglia Bollywood Movie "Aanhken" Added


A Ford Anglia
Article Added

Ford Anglia Article

4th March 2018 - A Lledo Vanguards Prototype Ford Anglia Van Model Added.

Anglia Model

A 1966 Ford Anglia
Service Book Added

Anglia Service Book

Three 2013 Race Photo
Pages Added

A Ford Anglia "Cars that
Made Britain Great"
Movie Added

Cars that made Britain Great

A Ford Anglia
Key Ring Added

Key Ring

25th February 2018 - A Cararama Ford Anglia Model Added.

Anglia Model

A 1959 Ford Anglia
Price List Added

Anglia Price List

A 2013 Race Photo Page Added

A Ford Anglia Police
Endeavour TV Movie Added


A Ford Anglia
Key Ring Added

Key Ring

18th February 2018 - It's Police Car week on the site.
A Shudehill Giftware
Ford Anglia Police Car Clock Added.

Police Car Clock

A new Ford Anglia Victoria
Police Car Page Added

Victoria Police Car

A Ford Anglia Victoria
Police Car Article Added

A Ford Anglia Police
Endeavour TV Movie Added


A Ford Anglia Police Car
Tea Spoon Added

Tea Spoon

11th February 2018 - It's Estate week on the site.
We start with some photo's of a customised Ford Anglia Estate -
Russian Roulette Added.

Russian Roulette

A new Ford Anglia Estate
Article Added

Estate Article

More Estate Race and London Transport Photos Added

Estate Banger Estate LT

A Ford Anglia
Shed and Buried Movie Added

Shed and Buried

A Ford Anglia Estate
T Shirt Added

T Shirt

4th February 2018 - A Mehanotehnika Model Added.

Mehanotehnika Model

Some more 1963 Monte Carlo
Ford Anglia Photos Added

1963 Monte Carlo

Also 2016 and 2017 Equinox Targa
Rally Ford Anglia Photos Added

A Ford Anglia
That Summer Movie Added

That Summer

A Ford Anglia
Key Ring Added

Key Ring

28th January 2018 - A McGregor Model Added.

McGregor Model

A 1966 Ford
Paint Guide Added

Paint Guide

A Ford Anglia
Norsk Lotto Advert Added

Norway Lotto

A Ford Anglia
Key Ring Added

Key Ring

Also Two 2013 Ford Anglia Race Meeting Photos Added

21st January 2018 - Two large scale Ingap Model Added.

Ingap Model

A 5 Star Spotters
Button Badge Added

Button Badge

Photos of a customised Ford Anglia
Convertible Added

Anglia Convertible

Ford Anglia
British Railways Van Photos Added

British Railways Anglia Van

Also a GPO Van Article and
Van Photo Added

14th January 2018 - A Scalecraft-Kimtoys Model Added

scalecraft-Kimtoys Model

2017 SOL Barbados Rally
Ford Anglia Photos Added

Sol Barbados Rally

A Flemish Ford Service
Agenda Added

Service Agenda

More Harry Potter Exhibition
Dates and Anglia Photos Added

Harry Potter

7th January 2018 - A new Corgi model VA00132 Added

Corgi Model

A Harry Potter Ford Anglia
Stamp Added


A Tracey Ullman
Anglia Movie Added

My Guys Mad at Me

Four 1961 APOC
Magazines Added


1st January 2018 - Happy New Year

The website has taken a bit of a backseat at the moment as I have been producing some Ford Anglia related articles for Model Collector Magazine. However I have lots of new Models and other Anglia related items to add to the site, so please keep popping by to see the latest updates.
I gave up on my Hotmail email account, so I have now created a whole new email account.
So for those of you who wish to contact me, please feel free to use the new address (Click on any "email" button)

Sort of Anglia related. My wife made me an Anglia mould and I have been making some Anglia shaped chocolates to enjoy between Christmas and the New Year. May you all have a Happy and Properous New Year.

Chocolate Anglia's

Three more London Transport
Ford Anglia Van Photos Added

London Transport

A Spinning Rock Bookie
Anglia Movie Added

Spiing Rock Boogie

The 2017 Anglebox
Magazines Added