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My Car
Album No 11

My Ford Anglia Photo's - Album No 11

My Saloon seems to be quite popular with other website creators as well as those selling Ford Anglia wares.
It is quite weird that they all seem to have used the same photo of my Yellow Saloon
The photo below was taken at the 2005 Classic Ford Show at Santa Pod.

Ford Anglia YAS552

The first website I noticed using the above photo was that of Pistonheads. They used it as a typical photo of an Anglia when announcing that Bernie Ecclestone was selling his Ford Anglia as part of his car collection sale.


The second website I noticed using the photo was that of "Cumbria and Lancashire Education Online".
They used it to show what a "1950's Ford Anglia" looked like.


Next up I saw a seller on ebay using the photo as part of a montage on a Ford Anglia Clock.
The photo had been flipped and the passenger has been removed with some photo editing package.
Spookily they accredited lots of other copyright owners but me (not that I am bothered, just amused).

Anglia at Crich

Well that's it for now, but I do find it strange that out of all of the photographs of Ford Anglia's on the Internet, this particular one has found favour with different websites and products.
If you see the photo appearring anywhere else please let me know as I am curious to see where it pops up next

(Article Copyright MellY Designs 2013 - Please do not Reproduce without Permission)

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