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Model Scales

Ford Anglia - Model Scales

On this page we try and explain the differing Scales of Models of the Ford Anglia 105E

Typical Anglia's

Models of Anglia’s (and most other model cars, planes, trains and boats) are normally produced to some sort of “Scale”, and to many people these “Scales” are a little confusing. Here I will try and explain how these scales work with the aid of some words, and a couple of charts.

When a model of a Ford Anglia is produced, its dimensions (the overall height, width and depth) are usually “scaled” down in size to fit in with a manufacturers particular model range. The model may be needed to sit comfortably next to a locomotive on a model railway, to fit a certain size of packaging or to display at an attractive size in a display case.

This reduction in size is usually expressed as a ratio, ie. 1:76 or more commonly as a fraction e.g. 1/76th and indicates the size of the model compared to that of the original car. This is more commonly known as the Scale.

A model that is 1:1 scale (or 1/1th scale) would obviously be exactly the same size as a real Ford Anglia, meaning the model would be 12’ 9 ” (153.5 Inches) or 3898.9 mm in length, quite a model!

A model that is 1:43 scale (or 1/43rd scale, quite a common scale for model cars) would be 43 times smaller in size compared to a real Ford Anglia meaning the model would be 3.57 Inches or 90.67 mm in length and should easily fit on a display shelf.

Unfortunately not all manufacturers are quite as fastidious with there scaling down of dimensions and sometimes the models do not look quite as they should, but they all add to the appeal of the Ford Anglia Model Collector. Hopefully this short explanation (and the charts shown below) may have gone someway into explaining what all of the different scales mean when quoted by model manufacturers on their models.

Scale Chart

Scale Chart