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Misc Items

Ford Anglia 105E - Miscellaneous - Postcards

On this page we look at some of the General Postcards that have been produced
for the Ford Anglia or ones that contain images with a Ford Anglia in them.

"Postcard from Ipswich"

A Ford Anglia Saloon near Wolsey's Gateway and St Peter's Church.

Ford Anglia at Ipswich


A very large Finnish postcard (290mm x 230mm) displaying an Anglia Saloon - Ref -***
I am not sure what it says or why it has a 1953 date at the bottom.

Anglia de-luxe

"The entirely new anglia"

A postcard displaying an Anglia de-luxe Saloon - Ref -51914X.

Anglia de-luxe

"Postcard from Aylesbury"

A Ford Anglia Saloon outside the Bulls Head Hotel in Aylesbury.

Ford Anglia at Aylesbury

"Postcard from Clacton-on-Sea"

A Ford Anglia Van on the sea front at Clacton-on-Sea.

Ford Anglia Van at Clacton on Sea

"Postcard from Brixham"

A Ford Anglia Van on the Harbour at Brixham.

Ford Anglia Van at Brixham

"Postcard from Southampton"

A Ford Anglia on the High Street in Southampton.

Ford Anglia at Southampton

"Postcard from Sidmouth"

An Anglia at the mouth of the River Sid.


"Postcard from Leigh-on-Sea"

A Ford Anglia on the front at the Old Town, Leigh-on-Sea.

Leigh on Sea

"Postcard from Coldstream"

A postcard of the Coldstream Guards Museum, Coldstream with two Anglia's outside.


"Postcard from Cornwall"

A postcard of the River Strat, Bude, Cornwall with a Yellow Anglia driving past.


"Anglia de-luxe Saloon"

A postcard displaying an Anglia de-luxe Saloon - Ref 42076/1065 Dom.

Anglia de-luxe

"Exciting In Exciting Out"

A postcard displaying an Anglia Advert.