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Ford Anglia 105E Miscellaneous - Music - George Harrison

George Harrison of The Beatles Fame was one of the more famous owners of the Ford Anglia.

The Beatles

George Harrison past his driving test at the age of 17 and later bought his first car, a blue Ford Anglia.
Ringo Starr drove George to collect the Anglia in his Ford Zodiac, and on the way back Ringo ended up damaging his own car whilst swerving to miss an animal that ran across the road in front of him. Unaware of this fact, an excited George continued driving his new purchase home!
George kept the Ford Anglia for a while before eventually trading it in for a Jaguar.

Here are some Photo's of George and the rest of the Beatles posing with the Ford Anglia Reg No 935 MPF

George Anglia 1

George Anglia 2

George Anglia 3

Hawthorne Engineering Company used one of the images above to help sells the Ford Anglia.


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