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Ford Anglia 105E Miscellaneous - Music - Cessna

Cessna are a Finnish, Tampere based 4 piece band. Formed in 1994, the band spent a couple of years practicing in a basement before playing their first gig in 1997. This was also the year that released their 7” EP Holiday on Ice with US lable Jigsaw and their double 3” CD “Bordeaux” on the label Radio Khartoum. Since then Cessna have released another full-length album and a handful of singles and EP's, mostly outside their native Finland. The band is known for keeping a low profile and having little interest in promoting themselves, which has brought them a sort of a cult status in the music scene of their home country. Cessna are often referred to as the "Godfathers of Finnish indiepop"

The band consists of Jari Hildén (Drums), Sami Rouhento (Guitar, Vocals), Kimmo Sääskilahti (Bass Guitar) and Tomi Takala (Guitar)

Cessna - The Band

The 7” single "My Blue Anglia" is bound to cement Cessna's place in the international indiepop scene.
Elegant and eclectic, jangly and jazzy, its the perfect record for spring and summer, driving around with the windows open, the radio blaring, singing along (or walking around town with headphones on, singing outloud).


If you would like to listen to their song "My Blue Anglia" Click on the icon below,
or download the MP3 File by right clicking on the icon and using "Save Target As.."

MP3 File

It is approximately 2.85mb in size.

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