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LLedo Logo

Model No VA001

Lledo have been the most prolific manufacturer of Anglia Saloon models.
The model was the first one to be introduced into their new Vanguards range
in 1996. These models were a new departure for Lledo in that they were
going to be produced in diecast metal to a consistant 1:43rd Scale


The Original Lledo Models

I was (and still am) not sure how Lledo numbered their Anglia range.
For Instance the Metropolitan Police Anglia from the PC1002 Panda car set shows the model as VA00109
on the collectors card, but the Anglia's produced in other sets do not always have the VA001 number.
(My thanks go to Martin Kennedy who keeps me well informed about the Lledo Vanguards range.)

VA00100 - Navy Blue
VA00101 - Pale Green
VA00102 - White with Maroon Roof
VA00103 - BA1002A Broadspeed Anglia in White (Part of Set BA1002)
VA00104 - BA1002B Broadspeed Anglia in Red (Part of Set BA1002)
VA00105 - HB1002B Ashfordly Police (Part of Hearbeat Collection Set HB1002)
VA00106 - 24 Carat Gold (Part of the British Motoring Classics of the 1960,s Set BPL1003)
VA00107 - Allardette Rally in White
VA00108 - Yellow
VA00109 - Police Panda Car (Part of Police Panda Set PC1002)
VA00110 - Maroon with a Grey Roof
VA00111 - Pale Blue
VA00112 - Post Office Supplies
VA00113 - HI1002 Rally Anglia in White (Part of Set HI1002)
VA00114 - White with Green Roof
VA00115 - White (Part of the Ford Millenium Collection Set FD1004)

The Corgi Take-Over

In 1999 the Lledo Company went into Recievership and the Vanguards (as well as
the Days Gone Range) were bought by Corgi. They have decided to keep the Vanguards
name and have started to release more Anglia Models. These have been "upgraded" to
include jewelled headlights and fine metal wiper blades. Long may they keep producing them.

VA00115 - Lancashire County Constabulary
VA00116 - Blue with White Roof
VA00117 - Lime Green with White Roof
VA00118 - Rally Anglia in Blue (Part of Set RD3002)
VA00119 - Venetian Gold
VA00120 - Liverpool and Bootle Police
VA00121 - Venetian Gold - "Past Times" exclusive.
VA00122 - Bermuda Blue with Ermine White Roof
VA00123 - Black with Flames
VA00100r - Navy Blue (a reissue of VA00100 in the new Ford marque box.)
VA00124 - Blue Mink

Following Corgi's decision to withdraw the Lledo name, all Saloon's are now badged as Corgi
VA00125 - Dragoon Red with Ermine White Roof

Corgi has again rebranded this range. The range is now called Drive Time.
VA00126 - Cirrus White
VA00127 - Lledo Collectors Club Chrome Model LCC17

Corgi has again rebranded this range. The range is now called Vanguards again.
VA00128 - Royal Ulster Constabulary
VA00129 - 1959 RAC Rally (Anne Hall)
VA00131 - Platinum Grey with Ermine White Roof (Anglia Super)
VA00132 - Pompador Blue and Shark Blue

Lledo Pre-Production Model

These models are actual hand made factory pre-production 'resin' models used to evaluate potential
castings for the 'Vanguard' range before they went into full scale die-cast production. Some models
never made it to production and of those that did certain colours or liveries were never used.

VAS-PP001 - Dark Blue - Police
VA00102-PP - White with Maroon Roof
VA00105-PP - Black - Police

Lledo / Corgi Promotionals

These are models that are issued by Lledo / Corgi as "Promotionals" but
do not form part of their main Vanguard range.

VP001-1001 - Bermuda Blue with Ermine White Roof - (Bachmann Harry Potter Train set.)
VP001-1002 - Police Panda Car - (British TV Series Heartbeat.)
VP001-1002b - Police Panda Car - (British TV Series Heartbeat.)

"Code 3" Conversions

These are models that are conversions of the Lledo models, which have been refinished by a third party.

001 - Leicestershire Constabulary - (Produced by ASB Models)
002 - "Harry Potter" Anglia
003 - Wiltshire Constabulary - (Produced by M A Models)

Corgi have also used the Saloon Casting as part of their Toys Range.

Lledo / Corgi also produce Van versions of the Ford Anglia

Please see the links page for the Lledo / Corgi Web Site.

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