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Hornby Logo

Model No R***

Hornby is famous as the UK brand leader in the model railway hobby. After the company’s founder, Frank Hornby, was granted his patent in 1901 he soon put his invention into production under the name ‘Mechanics Made Easy’. This led to the establishment of Meccano Ltd in 1907. Such was the success of the company, Frank Hornby had to regularly move his factory to new and larger premises.

Hornby came under increasing pressure from rival company Tri-ang Railways and following the acquisition in 1964 of Meccano Ltd by Lines Brothers (the parent company of Tri-ang Railways), the companies were merged in 1965 to become Tri-ang Hornby.
The Tri-ang Group was disbanded and sold in 1971 and the model railway system which had in 1972 been known as Tri-ang Hornby was renamed Hornby Railways in January.

In 1980 the company, now known as Hornby Hobbies Ltd, became an independent company. Now simply called "Hornby", the company retains the position it has held for more than 50 years as Britain’s leading model railway manufacturer and in 2008 released some model cars to fit in with their Skaledale brand.
The models are produced by
Oxford Diecast on Hornby's behalf.

logo1 1245logo2

The models were first introduced into the Hornby Skaleautos range
in 2008, and are produced in diecast metal to a consistant 1:76th Scale.

R7006 - Thos. Chaney & Sons Butcher
R7007 - British Rail (Yellow Livery)
R7008 - Faulkner Electrical
R7009 - Skaleautos
R7019 - Set of three Anglia Vans (Yellow, Red and Green)
R7042 - Ice Cream Van in Bartellos Candy Floss Livery
R7052 - Ice Cream Van in Appleby's Quality Ices Livery
R7056 - Skaledale and District Gas Co.
R7058 - Sheaf Materials Handling Ltd
R7059 - British Railways (Blood and Custard Livery)
R7060 - Ice Cream Van in Chips, Burgers and Hot Dog Livery

Hornby also produce Saloon versions of the Ford Anglia

Please see the links page for the Hornby Web Site.