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Corgi Toys Logo

The launch date for the Corgi range was the 9th July 1956. The firm of Playcraft Limited (a sister corporation to Mettoy before they both merged) launched the Corgi name to the World.
The name Corgi comes from a Welsh breed of dog, as both the Mettoy and Playcraft factories were based in Swansea, South Wales. The unmistakable logo immediately became synonymous with excellence and quality, and, this was evidenced by the fact that the Corgi models were the first with clear plastic windows. Like most Companies in the model world, Corgi has been bought and sold by various Owners over the years, but is still going strong today under the Hornby ownership.

The Original Corgi Models

Corgi only made two Anglia Van models, but they cheated a bit.
The first model was reissued sometime later, and this time had a small music box inside it.

447 - Walls Ice Cream Van
474 - Walls Ice Cream Van (With musical chimes)

Corgi Toys Logo

The Corgi Take-Over

In 1999 the Lledo Company went into Recievership and the Vanguards (as well as
the Days Gone Range) were bought by Corgi. They have issued models from the
Vanguards range in the Main Corgi Toys range, under the Corgi name with different
baseplates. The Anglia Van has been amongst the models issued.

LP06541 - Royal Mail (exclusive to the Royal Mail)
CP99136 - Royal Mail (Part of Set CP99136 exclusive to the Royal Mail)
CC99714 - JCB Service Van

Please see the links page for the Corgi Web Site.

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