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Ford Booklets
and Leaflets

Ford Anglia - Ford Booklets and Leaflets

Service Data
Service Data - new Anglia Prefect 1959

Printed in England
Ref No A7047/1060
Printed in May 1960

A 140 x 95mm - 48 page booklet for the Ford Anglia 105E and Ford Prefect. The booklet contains all the information you would require to service and repair the vehicles.

Salesman's Handbook
Salesmans Handbook
the ford light car range.

Issued by the Ford Sales Promotion and Training Department
Ref No Unknown
Printed in September 1959

A 140 x 185mm - Small ring binder containing earlier photograghs of the Ford Anglia 105E Standard and deluxe models, as well as information about paint colours, seat trims, general dimensions and a small section on the new engine.
Also included is information about the Ford Prefect, Popular, Squire and Escort estates.

Price Guide
Showcase for Ford

Printed in - Unknown
Ref No - Unknown

A 220 x 295mm - fold out brochure that lists the whole Ford range, complete with a few specs for each model, and prices for them all.
The Anglia DeLuxe is quoted as 596 2s 11d
The Anglia Supers quoted as 596 2s 11d
The Anglia DeLuxe is quoted as 645 6s 3d
The Anglia Estate is quoted as 608 8s 9d
The Anglia DeLuxe Estate (997cc) is 657 12s 1d
The Anglia DeLuxe Estate (1198cc) is 682 3s 9d

Maximum Pleasure
For Maximum Pleasure and Performance

Printed in England
Ref No X5219 / 762
Printed in July 1962

A 135 x 210mm - simple fold out leaflet that tells you about all of the new innovations that Ford has introduced with the Anglia.

Frost Precaution
Important - Frost Precaution

Printed in England
Ref No 15/316/164
Printed in 1964

A 135 x 210mm - card leaflet warning you about the precautions you must take when topping up your cooling system with Anti-Freeze. (Ford ME-1163-B Anti Freeze no less.)

Ford Times
Subscription Card

Printed in Unknown
Form No E9191E
Printed in Unknown

A 100 x 150mm - subscription card, offering a subscription to "Ford Times" for 15/- for a year.

Engine Lubrication
Engine Lubrication.

Printed in England
Ref No 1/324/964
Printed in 1964

A 140 x 115mm - card leaflet telling you about the need to drain and refill your Anglia at regular intervals.