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Ford Anglia - Accessory Brochures - Contents

All the specially designed Ford Guaranteed Accessories featured, are available from your local Ford Dealer.
Ask him about them today. If you wish, he will be pleased to fit any accessories you choose.


Seat Covers
Tailored to fit and trimmed to match the original upholstery. Available in an extensive range of luxurious, hardwearing materials, colours, and patterns for all seats or front seats only. Ask to see the Ford seat Cover Pattern Book.
seat covers
Front Seat Belts
Exclusively designed, comfortable to wear with simple positive adjustment. Light alloy buckle provides instant fingertip release. Approved to BSI standards.
Part No E317-WP-1
seat belts
Heater Kit
A super fresh air heater – zero to 60F in fifteen minutes! There is no comparison in the light car field. Controlled temperature range – 0 to 76F. Heat output 3.6 kilowatts. Silent boost evenly distributes 100 cubic feet of fume free air to front and rear passengers every minute. Separate de-misting and de-frosting control.
Part No 105E-18463-B
Ford Manual Radio
The ideal combination of handsome appearance, outstanding performance and remarkably low price.

With a Ford Manual Radio you are assured of miles of entertainment at your fingertips. Its easily operated, fully selective over the medium wave band and pre-tuned to one long wave station. And the major sub-assemblies of the receiver unit are now included in the money saving parts exchange plan.

Ford Push Button Radio
Specially designed to blend with the styling of your Ford, the Ford Push Button Radio offers owners a velvet touch of luxury. Instant station selection through five push buttons: in addition, manual tuning over medium and long wave bands.

Ariel – Part No 105E-18894

Passenger Interior Sun Visors
PVC Covered, foam rubber, collapsible sun visors for the front seat passenger. Fully adjustable to eliminate sun glare.
Part No E35-WH-1
sun visor
Door Arm Rest Kits
These PVC covered foam rubber arm rests add de-luxe comfort to the standard salon. Available in fifteen trim colours to match the upholstery. Kit contains all necessary fittings.
arm rest
Rear Quarter Arm Rest Kits
Foam Rubber PVC covered armrests provide extra comfort for rear seat passengers in the standard saloon. Kit contains all necessary fittings. Available in fifteen colours to match the upholstery.
arm rest
Luxury Carpet
This fine quality, light astrakhan fitted carpet in attractive clover grey gives added distinction and refinement to your Anglia saloon. Luxurious, hardwearing and easy to clean.
Part No E69-WF-1
Coat Hook and Assist Strap Kit
Keeps coats tidy and helps rear seat passengers when getting out of the car. A handy, two in one accessory.
Part No E210-WP-1 (for Anglia saloons and estate cars)
coat hook
Tartan Travel Rugs
Warm and cosy on winter nights - the perfect companion on summer picnics. 100% pure wool washable fast colours in a choice of five authentic tartans and three sizes.
travel rug

medallion Hub Cap Medallions
Specially designed hub cap medallions, incorporating the Ford motif, give an impression of additional touch of elegance.
Part No E19-WG-2
Wheel Trim Wheel Trim Kit
These exclusive spoke design wheel trims are made from super quality anodised aluminium giving a brilliant rust proof finish.
Part No E50-WG-7
Wheel Trim Wheel trims and hub cap medallions together give added lustre and elegance to your car
Over riders Over Riders
Specially designed, heavily chromium plated over riders grace the front and rear bumber bars and give added protection in traffic and car parks.
Part No 105E-18412 (set of 4)
Bezel Headlamp Bezel Ornaments
Further de-luxe elegance can be given to the standard models by fitting these sparking, heavily chromium plated headlamp embellishments
Part No E102-NB-1
Exhaust Trim Exhaust Deflector
A chromium plated exhaust pipe embellishment designed to deflect exhaust gasses downwards.
Part No 204E-18259-B (not suitable for 5/7 cwt vans)
side moulding Body Side Moulding Kit
Gives a de-luxe model appearance. Kit consists of eight bright metal moulding, two for each front wing and one each for the doors and rear quarter panels.
Part No E34-WG-1 (standard Anglia saloons and estate cars only)
bonnet ornament Bonnet Ornament
Contemporary, eye-catching design, finished in a heavy chrome plate which gives the Bonnet Ornament a gleaming appearance. Also assists driver’s judgement when parking or close passing.
Part No E47-WG-1

Exterior Sun Visor
The specially designed exterior sun visor effectively eliminates sun glare and shades the driver and front seat passenger. Finished in grey primer.
Part No 105E-18236 (Anglia saloons only)
sun visor
Air Deflector
Fitted in minutes a FoMoCo air deflector gives you open window, draught free driving. Tailor made for Anglia, Cortina, Corsair and Mk III Zephyr / Zodiac
air deflector
Windscreen Washer Kit
A specially designed twin-jet plunger type windscreen washer, which, with the help of the wipers quickly and thoroughly cleans the windscreen
Part No 105E-18293-8
windscreen washer
Anti-Mist Panels
A non electric fitting which constantly maintains a clear area of vision in a rear window clouded by condensation.
Part No E23-WB-1 – Saloons
Part No E25-WB-2 – Estate Cars
Anti Mist Panel
FoMoCo Door Buffers
Protect your car doors against bumps, scratches etc. Safety buffers with red reflectors.
Door Buffers
Petrol Tank Locking Cap
Your fuel supply can be securely safeguarded by this heavily chromium plated locking cap.
Part No 105E-9030-B
Petrol Cap
Reversing Lamp Kit
Illuminates any hazards behind the car when reversing at night. Kit includes all necessary wiring, robust bracket and illuminated switch.
Part No 400E-18275
Reversing Lamp
Long Range Driving Lamp Kit
A powerful long range lamp, providing extra safety for fast night driving in adverse weather conditions. Kit includes wiring, switch and chromium plated bracket.
Part No 105E-18207-A
Driving Lamp
Fog / Pass Lamp Kit
Projects a powerful flat beam to provide the best possible visibility in mist or fog. Kit includes wiring, switch and specially designed chromium plated bracket which fits over the bumper bar.
Part No 105E-18207-B
Driving Lamp
Fog / Pass Driving Lamp Kit
A well proven, popular lamp for use in foggy weather conditions. Produces a wide angle flat beam with a range of 200 feet, widening to 409 feet. Complete with wiring, bracket and switch.
Part No 105E-18207-C
Driving Lamp
Long Range Driving Lamp Kit
Another popular auxiliary lamp for fast night driving and extra safety in inclement weather conditions. Gives a powerful pencil beam that illuminates the road 700 feet ahead. Complete with wiring, bracket and switch.
Part No 105E-18207-D
Driving Lamp
Hand Lamp
This easily stored lamp, complete with cable and spring clips, is a great help when carrying out checks or adjustments at night.
Part No EOA-15550-B
Hand Lamp
Come-back Rear View Mirror
A chromium plated exterior mirror which can be instantly restored to its original setting if accidentally knocked out of position.
Part No EOTTA-17682
Escutcheon Kit
Chromium plated embellishments, specially designed to enhance the styling of the Come-back Mirrors.
Part No E41-WE-1 (per kit of two)
Fashion Styled Rear View Mirror
An exclusive style, chromium plated exterior mirror, incorporating spring loaded “easy return” cam action.
Part No 204E-18402-A (plane lens)
Part No 204E-18402-B (convex lens)
Continental Come-back Rear View Mirror
Modern and attractive in design, this rear view mirror is finished in high quality, heavy chromium plate. Spring loaded, the mirror has a come-back action when accidentally knocked out of position.
Part No 105E-17682-A (convex lens)
Part No 105E-17682-B (plane lens)
wing mirror
Dual Horn Kit
This high note dual horn, when partnered with the existing standard low tone horn, produces a powerful dual tone effect. Complete kit with wiring and brackets
Part No 105E-13800
Fire Extinguishers
Guaranteed dry powder extinguishers - the fastest working, most efficient you can buy. Non-toxic, non staining. Ideal for car, home or garage.
Fire Extinguishers

roof rack Roof Rack
Accommodates additional luggage or unusually bulky items. It’s a spacious, strong, made from high quality, rust resisting tubular steel and is a perfect fit.
Part No E204-WP-1 (Anglia saloons only)

Fitting Kit – Part No E207-WP-1

Elastic Luggage Grip
Holds luggage on the roof rack securely in place with eight strong elastic cords which hook on to the rack. Eliminates ropes and knots
Part No E99-WP-1

mats Luggage Compartment Mat
An embossed rubber covering for the luggage compartment floor. Helps to dampen any noise caused by loose luggage and protects the interior finish of the compartment.
Part No 105E-7045456 (Anglia saloons only)
Interior Lamp Interior Lamp Kit
Provides all the interior light you need. The translucent lens serves as the switch: press and the lamp lights, pull and the lamp goes out. Kit includes fittings and wiring.
Part No 105E-18723
radiator blind Radiator Blind Kit
For quicker warming up, reduced fuel consumption and longer engine life, fit the appropriate variable setting radiator blind. Setting is easily varied as required from a facia panel control.
Part No 105E-18690 (Anglia saloon and estate cars)
Part No 307E-18690 (5/7 cwt vans)
temp gauge kit Temperature Gauge Kit
Especially useful when a radiator blind is fitted, to show if the engine is at its most efficient operating temperature. Designed to fit in the instrument panel.
Part No 105E-10903 (Anglia standard saloon and 5/7 cwt vans)
cigarette lighter kit Cigarette Lighter Kit
Press button action, automatic release cigarette lighter with protective telescopic ash shield. Kit includes fitting bracket.
Part No E22-WD-1
mat Rubber Floor Mats
Protect your carpets with these specially designed conical pattern mats. Available in blue, red, green, black, pastel blue, pastel green, pink, yellow, grey.
Foot Pump Foot Pump
An extremely efficient and reliable tyre pump, complete with strong braided rubber airline and positive connector.
Part No N-17052-A
Grease Gun Grease Gun
An extremely efficient grease gun specially designed to meet the requirements of high pressure lubrication.
Part No N-17125
tool kit Tool Kit
These specially selected tools make easy work of minor adjustments. Neatly contained in a strong, plastic bound tool roll.
Part No 204E-17018-B
lamp kit
lamp kit
Engine and Luggage Compartment Lamps
Operate automatically, an invaluable aid to engine inspection or loading operations at night.
Part No 105E-15700 (Engine Compartment)
Part No 100E-18256 (Luggage Compartment)
performance kit Performance Plus Conversion Kit
As a remarkably low cost, your Anglia acquires the verve and confidence of a rally champion – without detriment to fuel consumption or engine life.
Part No E323-WP-1

Ford also produced an advert showing some of the accessories that you could purchase for your Anglia.